LZ Expession: "I think we have what it takes to make it to the playoffs"

On February 8th (KST), Longzhu Gaming swept bbq Olivers 2-0 in the first matchup of Day 12 LCK Spring Split 2017 held at Sangam eStadium, Seoul. As the eldest player of the team, Bon-Taek “Expession” Koo on Shen showed off solid plays to lay the foundation for his team’s victory.

Below is the post-match interview with Expession.



You’re now in the fourth place. How do you feel?

We defeated bbq which was just a step above us and took the fourth place. I’m glad to have climbed in ranks. It feels good to be able to stay in the mid to high standings.

What were some of the hardest parts of the today’s match?

In Game 1, we tried to start a teamfight around the dragon and were caught off guard when the opponent first initiated on us. In Game 2, we lost some members of the team after downing Baron and we went into some trouble as I got picked off when my Stand United was interrupted.

When did you feel that the game was in your hands? Was it the last teamfight?

I’ve already had in mind that we were winning the macro game.

Where do you stand on your teamwork?

With the exception of Crash, everyone else has played on prominent teams, so I guess everything is coming into place without any big hitches.

You’re doing well so far early in the season. Should we expect good results this year?

I have a feeling that this year will be better than the last.

Do you think the Longzhu’s jungler takes more care of the botlane?

In some ways, yes. The toplane will struggle as a result, but I like that the bottom duo is formidable, which then snowballs well into the late game.

Why do you predominately play tank champions compared to the last season?

If I don’t get covered as much in toplane, tank champion is my best bet.

How does the nerf to Courage of the Colossus affect toplane champions?

I can feel that Courage of the Colossus is much weaker now, and it’s only good for a handful of champions. I think the game balance is stabilizing.

Do you think the nerf has a polarizing effect on jungle champions?

You’re right. It’s even harder for tanks see competitive play after the nerf. I think even Rek’Sai is better off taking Fervor of Battle.

How do you feel about the patch 7.3 which went live today?

We’ll see so more diverse champions with the next patch. Rock-paper-scissors relationship is already taking shape.

Any final words?

There were many noises when we first got together as a team. Actually, we are not even sure how things will turn out. We may win all games or struggle along the way. Still, I think we have what it takes to make it to this season’s playoffs.

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