[Interview] Crown on CLG being ranked as a mid-tier team "That's true, sure. But we're going to improve."

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Ahead of the League of Legends Championship Series kickoff, there were many teams and players experiencing difficulties finalizing their visas. One of those was Lee "Crown" Min-ho, the mid laner for Counter Logic Gaming, who was eventually cleared and finally arrived in LA on Wednesday before opening weekend.


Despite the delays, CLG's head of esports, Matt Nausha told Inven Global that, "All of CLG visas were approved ahead of Week 1. Currently, all of our players are in Los Angeles except for Oh "Wind" Myeong-jin. He is finalizing the last steps in the process and we look forward to him coming to Los Angeles soon."


Inven Global also spoke with Crown about how he looks forward to the year despite a rough beginning, and what we can expect from him and his team throughout the season. 



I'm here with Crown, who is back in NA on a new team ready for the new year. First, I want to ask, when did you get here and how has it been trying to fit in with the team? 


I came here this Wednesday, and we played scrims three times or something, but yeah I already like CLG, no matter what!



That's great! Were you able to scrim much with the team before you got here or were you just trying to get everything figured out in the last couple of days?


Oh, well we had a bootcamp in Korea, so we had a lot of scrims there. And I didn't get the visa to get here earlier, so I could just come Wednesday. 


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Oh that's right. Well I'm glad you made it here. What do you think about the new season? 


I think this season, like always, teamfights are really important. So I'm just trying to focus on the teamfights and get my communication better. 



How does that work for you on this squad? Is it different than when you were first here with OpTic? 


It's the same, but the problem is just my English. I didn't understand 100% of everything, so I need to study more English. 



Well it seems great here! So what else do you have in mind for this year?


Well hopefully we'll be better, better, better. We want to make Worlds, MSI, win titles in the LCS.


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Do you feel like you're appropriately rated by fans and analysts? Most people put you in the middle of the pack, but not at the very top, but what do you think? 


Oh yeah, that's true, sure. But we're going to improve. 



Are you excited about the new playoff changes, with the double elimination and everything? 


Oh yeah, I heard about that, but it's a bit awkward for me. I played a lot in Korea, I spent most of my time there, so this is very new. I guess this is new for everyone though, so yeah, it's a bit awkward, but still exciting. 



Lastly, everyone joked about it when you got signed to CLG, but you now took PowerOfEvil's spot two years in a row. So what is going on there? Do you have something against PowerOfEvil!?


Hahaha, I don't know what happened! He just joined OpTic and I joined OpTic, and then the same with CLG. I don't know how it happened, I guess it's just fate. Haha. 


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Thanks Crown. Before we go, anything you want to say to your new fans on CLG? 


Hi guys, I'm Crown Min-ho. It's great to see you guys, and thank you for cheering for us. Thank you! 



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