FlyQuest reveals new hand painted floral jersey, reflecting their Go Green initiative for 2020

▲ Photo by Parkes Ousley


Following recent changes to their front office, FlyQuest has taken on a brand new look for 2020 Spring, revealing a floral painted jersey for their LCS team. FlyQuest is operating with a Go Green initiative for the year, and their jersey is just one way they reflect that. 





In an interview with FlyQuest's new CEO, Tricia Sugita, she explained their reasonings for the unique floral design.


"For our jersey, you'll see the floral print, and that represents Going Green. It wasn't just something pretty, there is actually a lot of thought there too. It's, "Okay if we are 'Going Green' this year, what does our jersey look like?" It's having floral representation through everything we are doing. 


And I guess I'm the leader with that creative direction, but everything should have floral design. And we actually use the state flower of Wisconsin, because those are our roots, and we want to go back to our roots. We have the Bucks connection, and many more. And we also really lean into our primary color, green, so within our design we also have that representation. 


Also, everything is light scheme now too. Everything will be softer, more wholesome looking, and floral. And the floral design will be forever. This isn't just something we are doing for Go Green, we will always want the floral representation. So we may eventually do something like ferns or trees or something, but at least nature will be our design and we've moved away from aviation design.


It represents what people can expect from us in 2020, because we've grown. We're here to evolve and there will be a lot of changes and truly own our brand going forward. We did a lot of research and between both traditional sports teams and esports teams, nobody has done an official floral design for their main jersey (at least from what we found). 


When we say "Go Green," we mean it, and we want people to fully resonate and realize it's cool to care about the environment and nature, and it's cool to care about others. And just as nature evolves, our designs will evolve. So right now we're in Spring, but then we'll be in Summer, then Fall and Winter. So we'll always evolve as the seasons change."



The jersey print was hand painted by their in-house designer, Phien Le, and will change with each new season. Here are more pictures of the intricate design taken by Parkes Ousley of Inven Global.








The FlyQuest season starts this Saturday, where they take on Immortals and CLG. Be sure to check that out on the official LCS stream or one of any new co-streams available. And follow our Twitter below for more LCS and esports content.

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