LEC players won't be able to pick Lux, Syndra or Sett during the opening weekend


The kick-off of the LEC is a week away, and today the European League of Legends competition announced which champions players won't be eligible for play during the opening weekend. On Twitter the League Operations Lead for EU Esports at Riot Games, Maximilian Peter Schmidt, announced that players won't be able to choose Lux or Syndra because of "potentially game-altering bugs", while new champion Sett is absent to give players more time to get used to him.




In response to the question whether or not this extends to official regional leagues within Europe, Schmidt says: "This will also apply to all ERLs - unless the issues are resolved before the respective ERL starts of course."  Whether or not the other major regions follow suit isn't known yet, but to Schmidt's knowledge at least the LCS to apply the same temporary ban on the three champions:




Sett was added to the live servers just yesterday, after spending weeks in the PBE. The bruiser has proven to be very potent in early testing, so it'll be curious to see whether or not his numbers get tweaked before he'll be an eligble pick in the major League of Legends competitions.

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