[Cartoon] Sett, the difficulty guardian in League of Legends, has been released!


Today’s cartoon is about the newest champion released in League of Legends, Sett.


Sett is the 148th champion to be officially released in League of Legends. Although it’s a new champion that was released not long after it’s predecessor, the reason why Sett seems more welcoming than the other is because it’s been a while since a champion with a ‘simple’ kit was released. Perhaps we feel that way because the complexity of the 147th champion, Aphelios.


Just like Aphelios, all the new champions and the newly reworked champions, which were released at an alarming rate, aren’t easy to master. Just as much spotlights on champions with emphasis on their utility like Qiyana, simpler champions that were easier to control do not perform well at higher elo. Because of it, new champions were laced with niche gimmicks, and their skill descriptions became longer than ever. In Aphelios’ case, it came to the point where Riot Games had to recommend users to study guides for the champion. Because of such, the famous champion designer for Riot, CertainlyT, became a figure of resentment for many.


Amidst the chaos, Sett is a champion that’s perfectly suited for those with slower hands and didn’t like complicated explanations. Obviously, in order to continue to receive spotlight, it needs to function well in the Summoner’s Rift, but after only a day into research of the champion, there is a divide in the assessment of the champion. It seems that there’s still a long way to go before the champion can be fully figured out and utilized.


As each new champion is released, League of Legends is becoming a game that’s only suited for the masters of the game. Will Sett become the savior to players suffering from high skill cap for a long time? How will Sett perform in competitive play? As ‘the boss’ that newbies to experts alike will take to the Summoner’s Rift, much anticipation is on Sett’s performance.

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