Legends of Runeterra enters Open Beta on January 24 — sign up to get in one day early


Like an advent calendar, Riot Games is revealing details about all their projects this week. Two days ago we learned what to expect for the League of Legends client, and yesterday was all about the smaller projects Riot has running to expand on the universe their games take place in. Today it was the turn of Legends of Runeterra, Riot's upcoming digital collectible card game.


After two brief 'Preview Patches', where a limited amount of players could publicly try out Legends of Runeterra for a couple of days, the game will hit its Open Beta stage on January 24, 11 AM PT. Earlier, when Riot shared their roadmap for the game, it stated that somewhere in Q1 of 2020 Legends of Runeterra would enter a Closed Beta stage. The change is a surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one. Anyone who already played during the Preview Patches, has pre-registered on the Legends of Runeterra website, or signs up before January 19, 11:59 PM PT, will be granted access one day early and can dive into the game on January 23, 11 AM PT.


As Riot announced when the second Preview Patch closed in on its end, all accounts have been reset. Everyone who plays Legends of Runeterra on the day its Open Beta launches starts with a clean sheet, from the same place. However, this is the only time this will happen, Riot has stated. The Open Beta lasts until the full launch of Legends of Runeterra, and no resets will happen anymore. Anything you get during the Open Beta, is yours to keep.


What to expect from Open BetaRanked Mode, friend lists, card changes and more


The Open Beta introduces quite a few additions and changes to the Legends of Runeterra client. The standout addition is the Ranked Mode feature, allowing players to climb the ladder and measure their skills against that of opponents. Like in League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics, the ranks go from Iron (lowest) to Master (highest).


It's not just random opponent you can flex your cards in front of, though. The Open Beta adds a friend list as well, so you can keep track of how your buddies are faring online. Moreover, you'll be able to directly challenge them for a 1v1, to determine once and for all who has mastered the way of Runeterran cards better.


▲ Anivia's effects will be quite different upon Open Beta's arrival.


Over twenty cards are being tweaked, based on the information Riot gathered during the Preview Patches. Of the champions in the game, Anivia will be hit hardest of all, receiving a big update to her effects. What exactly all the card changes look like will be revealed on January 22.


Open Beta also brings along new game boards and something called 'Guardians'. So far, players always faced off against each other on the same grass board, with each player having a personal poro on their side. These responded to what was happening on board and could be pet, offering some interaction while you waited for your opponent to finish their turn. As we saw during Riot's announcement teaser earlier this week though, new landscapes are arriving.


The standard poros also won't be the only Guardians around—the teaser already showed us a Mechanical Raptor, and anyone who plays Legends of Runeterra's Open Beta will earn a Moonstruck Poro Guardian when the game officially launches.


▲ The Moonstruck Poro Guardian.


▲ The new board layouts and the Raptor Guardian Riot teased earlier this week.


It isn't known yet when Legends of Runeterra will officially launch—it's still "somewhere" in 2020. The same goes for the card game's mobile component, though whenever that does launch, it will support full cross-play between platforms. More expansions, exploring more regions of the universe will come along as the year progresses too, but more information on that will be shared later.



Want to get ahead of your opponent before the Open Beta launches? Head over to our Legends of Runeterra guide page! It features 30+ guides on the champions and mechanics that are in the game.


Images via Riot Games

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