Darshan changes name back to ZionSpartan, embraces his past


Even his teachers call him ZionSpartan. Darshan "ZionSpartan" Upadhyaya returns to his roots, announcing a change to his gamertag from irl name, Darshan, to his original tag, ZionSpartan. He originally changed to Darshan in 2016, claiming a desire for more professionality and personal branding.  


However, his reflections back on that decision give him a new perspective. ZionSpartan calls for a return to his inner nerdy self, reclaiming his old handle. A video preview posted by Golden Guardians features his literal teacher (we presume) and mother talking about the old moniker, and hype up its return.




Overall, he says he wants to be more true to himself and have more fun. Maybe that means we'll get to see some more Jax action in the top lane, and a battle for starting top with teammate Haunzter. Whatever the case, "Don't call him Darshan, call him ZionSpartan."


Image via Riot Games.

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