Keep your eyes peeled this week - Riot will share updates for new LoL champions, TFT's next set, Legends of Runeterra, and more

▲ The Volibear rework preview.


The new League of Legends season is just two days away. Season 2020 is headlined by the introduction of new bruiser Sett, and is the first full season where players get to interact with the updated Summoner's Rift map. But Riot has far more in store for the year, and this week we'll be given updates on multiple titles.


In a teaser video, Riot says it'll be sharing more about the future of League of Legends game modes, presumably referring to URF, Twisted Treeline and ARAM. They're also going to highlight new skin lines, in-game events, champion reworks, and new champions to arrive at some point this year. Riot also welcomes the ("long overdue") arrival of Clash, the in-client tournament mode for League of Legends.



But it's not just League of Legends fans that have to pay attention the next few days. We'll be getting a glimpse of Teamfight Tactics' third set, and learn what the future holds for the game on both PC and mobile platforms.


Legends of Runeterra, Riot's collectible card game, which will enter a closed beta stage at some point during 2020's first quarter, will get an update too. The video doesn't give away a whole lot, but in the brief moment Legends of Runeterra is shown we can see a new board layout. The top player has a Freljord-themed board with a Poro on the side, while the bottom player has a Piltover-themed board with a mechanical dinosaur as side-board pet. It indicates that, based on which deck the player is using, their half of the board will change to fit the deck's theme.


▲ A new Legends of Runeterra board.


The teasers conclude with a reference to the new tabletop game Riot teased on League of Legends' tenth anniversary. It's the second board game Riot will be publishing, with Mechs vs. Minions preceeding it, but it's still shrouded in mystery.


The video seems done when the League of Legends logo appears, but a small teaser follows it. A couple of grunts, who appear to be from the smog-ridden city of Zaun, have taken out guards and scientists in some kind of facility. The gang's appearance bears a striking resemblance to the helper that can be seen in Urgot's splash art, and with the chains in the backround of the teaser, it appears the hexapod is going to make an appearance soon. The cinematic trailer for Season 10, perhaps?




Images via Riot Games

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