[KeSPA Cup] T1 Cuzz: "I’ll do my best so that Faker feels comfortable playing with me."


On the last day of 2019, T1 defeated Gen.G Esports in the quarterfinals of the 2019 KeSPA Cup ULSAN 2-1. With the victory, T1 will be facing SANDBOX Gaming in the semifinals. After the match, one of the new members to the roster, Moon “Cuzz” Woo-chan joined Inven Global for an interview.


How do you feel about today’s win?


Obviously, I feel good about the win. The process wasn’t bad as well. But still, there are some parts that need improvement. If we do our best and fix those parts, we’ll be even better. It feels good to know that.

The game was quite long and it also involved a pause. What were your thoughts?


It’s possible to lose concentration during the pause, so I tried to control my mind and thought of what to do in my head continuously. Since I have a bit of experience now, the full 3-game match doesn’t affect my concentration.

The Rift has been changed quite a bit. How is it?


The dragons are important, but teamfights are also important. I think there will be many choices to choose from. It feels that there will be more diversity in the game. It hasn’t been long and there weren’t that many matches; there may be some strategies that other teams have been preparing. I think it’ll be fun because of the diversity.

It’s the first win in a new team. This is your first time moving teams; how is it?


It hasn’t been that long since I joined T1, but I think everyone’s really good. It feels that I need to put in more hard work. Since our top is Canna, a rookie, I feel that I should help him.

How’s the team atmosphere?


It’s rather quiet and I’m a bit talkative, so I talk a lot. I try to make the mood, but sometimes people need the quietness. I try to keep the balance.

Are the other players the same as you thought they would be?


Mostly, yes. Before joining the team, I heard that Effort was like Buddha, but he also kids around as well. All others seem about the same.

The jungle-mid synergy is always important. How is it playing with Faker?


Faker is really good, and he leads me with detail, so it’s convenient for me. I don’t know how he’ll think of me, but I’ll do my best so that Faker feels comfortable playing with me.

Does he still throw a lot of dad jokes?


Not as much as I thought he would. Frankly, I like dad jokes too. (Laughs) Other teammates say that I do more dad jokes than Faker does.

There were many roster changes in the LCK. Which team are you looking out for the most?


I’m looking out for all the teams. But if there’s one team that I’ve been hearing more about was Gen.G. Although we beat them today, since it’s just the beginning, they just might not have had enough time to work their synergy yet.

How’s your mindset going into the semifinals?


The semifinals will be at Ulsan. All the teams that made it here are strong. I believe I’ve never won KeSPA Cup yet; I’d like to win it by doing my best.

Lastly, a word to the fans?


I joined T1. I’ll behave well and work hard to make good results. Thank you.

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