A Decade of Esports Art: Expressive behavior meets fandom

SKT T1 by Goomrrat


Video game titles gather the most diverse, beloved characters. Closing the end of the year and decade, we have gathered some of our favorite official art and fan art with the subject esports. Artists from all over the world loan their styles to characters and players.


This media manipulation establishes a sense of culture, enacting a relationship to the subject in the process of creating and consuming fan made art. Esports narratives inspire artists to create original pieces based on players, teams, defining moments, characters, and sometimes, artists bend reality and create their own narratives through their medium.


LoL Esports


Legendary mid laners by Oreki Genya


G2 Esports by Kyra P.


Fnatic by Wandakun


Source: Team Liquid


Faker, Sneaky and brTT by LoL Esports designer; source: Riot Games


All-Star 2017 promotional poster


Overwatch League


LA Gladiators by badjura


Geguri by Amyydraws


D.Va x London Spitfire fan made skin by KAI CHANG


Fan Made Overwatch Link by Aaron Walker 3D


Super Smash Bros.




Mango, Armada, PPMD, Mew2King, HungryBox by Moxie2D


Samus and Luigi by toasttdoods


SSBU by jakelemonkey


SSBU by Rossdraws


HearthstoneHonorable Mention


Hunterace by Nicolas Chaussoi

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