Saskio duo queue’d by himself by playing Yuumi with his feet on a separate account

▲ Image Source: Winthrop University


Tony "Saskio" Chau is known for his flexibility, but the Winthrop University Bot Laner took things to another level on his stream the day after Christmas. Saskio streamed himself in his standard position of AD Carry, but then also duo queue'd with himself on a second account; playing Yuumi with his feet.


Saskio previously playing Top Lane for Maryville University during their run to winning the 2017 College LoL Championship, and swapped to Bot Lane for the 2018-2019 season as a senior to make room for rookie freshman phenom Top Laner Aiden "Niles" Tidwell. MU went on to win its second collegiate championship with its new lineup. 


Saskio tweeted his idea to play two accounts at once on his twitch stream the day after Christmas, which stirred a lot of buzz in a relatively quiet time for the LoL Esports community due to the holiday season. Saskio's stream hit record highs and was a huge success with streamers and pros alike. 


Saskio took to twitter to express his disbelief for how much his two-account stream took off: "This is unreal, I never thought my idea would be this interesting. Thank you for the support and stream today at 2 pm est!" Based on his recent tweets, Saskio is planning to continue doing the duo account stream and is continuing to make modifications to his setup to play Yuumi with his feet as optimally as possible.



Saskio posted his setup to twitter, including an update after his second day of streaming post-modification, and has also started a Youtube channel that will feature content based around his idea. The collegiate flexmaster has been looking to go pro ever since his career took off with MU, but may have struck gold with an innovation in the content creation space of the League of Legends scene. 

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