[KeSPA Cup] AF Kiin: "I think there’s a lot of merit staying with a team for a long time."


On the 23rd (KST), the round of 16 match of the 2019 League of Legends KeSPA Cup between Afreeca Freecs and Rockhead was held at the Nexon Arena.


Afreeca Freecs took the match 2-0. The top laner for Afreeca, Kim “Kiin” Gi-in put on a solid performance in game 1, and in game 2,not only did he lead the teamfight in game 2 by surviving in the enemy lines, he showed a lot of aggressiveness throughout the game and was even awarded the MVP of the match.


The following is an interview with the top laner for Afreca, Kiin.


How does it feel to play on stage after so long? I saw you struggling until the mid-game of game 2.


I’m not satisfied with my performance. However, I found the things I need to work on, so it’s okay.

You stated that KeSPA Cup will be a time of adjustment, so can you share what areas that Afreeca needs to adjust to?


We’re still honing our synergy. When we’re not in sync, there are a lot of mistakes when I try to play aggressive, so tonight, I tried to play safe. I think that if we hone our synergy, I’ll be able to play more aggressively.

You were the first player to renew your contract long-term with Afreeca. What made you decide to stay with Afreeca?


A reason that I can reveal to the public is that I think there’s a lot of merit staying with a team for a long time. Although there are other reasons, I think that’s the biggest reason why I decided to stay.

A lot of new team members joined your team. As a remaining member of Afreeca, how did the atmosphere of the team change?


There are a lot more older members on the team. Although the team atmosphere isn’t as rigid because of it, there are times when the atmosphere suddenly becomes stern. I think that the older members of the team do it on purpose, so overall, I think it’s the same as before.

How’s Mystic and Fly in the team house?


Fly’s really funny. He’s definitely an oddball, and he likes to joke around. I think Mystic’s a similar character. They’re both really fun people. If they acted stern because they’re older, I’d simply have to adjust.

Fans find that picture of you, the kind Kiin stuck between Fly and Mystic, very funny. You must’ve been very uncomfortable...


I saw that as well. I didn’t want to be part of that picture, but I was (laughter).

People think that you’re the captain of the team because you’re either one of the carry for your team, or because of the renewal of your long-term contract. Are you ambitious to become captain?


I think that if I become the captain, I’ll get stressed out. Although I’m not avoiding responsibilities, we already have a captain, so I don’t want to take that spot (laughter).

2019 must’ve been a disappointing year for Afreeca. How do you predict 2020 will be for your team?


Even looking at today’s match, there are a lot of things to work on. I think that depending on how things go, we’ll show improvements by either early or late Spring split.

Which top laner do you want to face off against at this year’s KeSPA Cup?


I don’t have anyone in particular. I just want to do well vs. all the teams that we face, and that we’ll be able to hone our synergy even further.

What do you want to say to your teammates?


Let’s do well.

Please say something to the fans supporting you.


I’ve played on stage for the first time in a while. Thank you to all the fans that continued to support me and came to the venue to cheer me on. I’ll work hard not to disappoint, so please continue to cheer me on.

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