The War of Genesis Welcomes Sherazard


Irvine, California – December 18, 2019 – Joycity is pleased to announce one of the most popular characters from The War of Genesis series, Sherazard. Sherazard is a healer that possesses a leader skill that can revive all allies. She will be free to try for five days so players are encouraged to log in to see if she will be a good fit for their hero deck. Also, successfully summoning her the next few days will provide a 7-Star Helm of Fortitude.


This update also includes an exciting addition to the War Server. The size of the map will decrease gradually over time as seen in battle royale games. Players will need to keep their airships out of the restricted area if they want to survive. Those that survive for 50 minutes or more will complete a special mission that awards the exclusive ‘Invincible Pirate Ship (Red)’ skin. The blue version of the skin will be available for purchase with Pandragon Coins too.


Lastly, new players will be pleased to know that a helpful menu has been added to the Archive Room. The tab ‘The Antaria Saga’ showcases when specific content will be released, allowing rookies to know what to expect as they progress and explore. For existing players, the long-awaited Main Story Act 8 is now complete with new readings and rewards.

The War of Genesis: Battle of Antaria is available worldwide. This addicting mobile strategy MMORPG offers one-of-a-kind airships, lore-centric storylines, original characters, and machina companions. Players face a war against fearsome beasts and armies of Dark Armor to reclaim the continent of Antaria. Try it out today!


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About Joycity
Joycity Corporation is a premier game developer and publisher that specializes in games across all platforms for the global market. Well-received mobile titles from Joycity include Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War developed in collaboration with Disney, Game of Dice, Gunship Battle: Total Warfare, and The War of Genesis. Joycity’s diverse game portfolio also includes the FreeStyle street sports games on PC, the latest entry to the franchise being 3on3 FreeStyle for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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