VALORANT player suspended from FNATIC for leaked comments about Ukrainian conflict


ONe of FNATIC's VALORANT players has been suspended for comments made about the conflict in Ukraine. 


Andrey "BraveAF" Gorchakov received a lot of backlash online after some of the private messages he sent were shared on social media. Written in Russian, the screenshots showed messages from BraveAF that support the invasion of Ukraine. 



After the tweets were brought to FNATIC's attention, the esports organization decided to suspend BraveAF. FNATIC tweeted that they were made aware of the situation and would be launching an investigation. 


"We will have further updates on our VALORANT roster in the coming days," FNATIC said in the short statement. 



BraveAF also came forward to speak about his behavior. According to BraveAF, the leaked DMs are from a conversation between him and a Ukrainian woman on February 24. That was before everyone was aware of what was happening in Russia, BraveAF said. 



It appears that the translation of the messages could be a misunderstanding but it's currently unclear. Said BraveAF: "You can see from the pictures that I want it to end ASAP and I don't want people to get hurt or killed... By saying 'give up' I meant to put down this conflict so less people get hurt. I am for PEACE."


Other people feel that BraveAF was blatantly supporting Putin, using similar lines to the leader such as "civilians will not be harmed." So far, over 900 civilians have died in the war.


The investigation is still underway. Meanwhile, FNATIC may have to compete in VCT Masters in Iceland with a new player on their roster. BraveAF may also have Visa issues on top of the suspension. 

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