VALORANT devs under fire for allegedly copying fan art to create Gaia skin line


Riot Games has been creating some pretty detailed, pretty skin lines for VALORANT recently but the FPS community is wanting more. 


VALORANT players voiced on Reddit that Riot Games should let the community have more input in VALORANT skins, similar to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's approach. In CSGO, players can vote on skin concepts they want to be added to the shooter. This is something VALORANT should also do, gamers said, since a few of the last skin bundles were not too exciting. The latest one to be leaked, in particular, was very obviously inspired from a past bundle with some added details and animations. 


To combat the seemingly uninspired skins in VALORANT, players are now saying that Riot Games should allow fans to submit skin concepts. The playerbase could then vote on which ones they want to see in-game. This would offer more variety and creativity since everyone has their own style, imagination, and inspirations. 


This discussion brought up the fact that the Gaia collection was technically a community skin. And by that, the gaming community meant that Riot Games stole an artist's concept without giving them any credit. A Reddit post by an artist almost a year ago showed skins that looked eerily similar to the plant-based, organic weapon designs currently in VALORANT down to the crystal elements. The fan-made collection even shared the same name, Gaia. 


"Ever since Riot has been dropping various skin bundles I always wanted a skin bundle where the guns are composed of organic matter like plants or something," the artist wrote. "There would be all types of plant life composing the gun like mushrooms, fungi, creeping roots, moss, grass, flowers, etc. They'd be powered by a magical crystal (maybe Radianite?) which will act as the magazine of the firearm itself."


Source: KuyaSerge


When asked 11 months ago if the artist had sent the ideas to Riot Games, they replied: "I heard that Riot doesn't take creative works and suggestions from players :((( so idk if I should send this to the devs lol." 


Now, fans are outraged once again that Riot Games didn't give any credit or recognition to KuyaSerge after using an almost identical skin design with the exact same name. This just further pointed to the community's theory that the developers have no more creativity left in them. 


Gaia Fan Art Concept
VALORANT Gaia Bundle


Some fans, however, are weary of the idea of VALORANT taking a page out of CSGO's book. There have been many issues with stolen art as well as the skins being significantly more expensive than the ones in VALORANT.


For now, maybe VALORANT should just stick to coming up with their own skins (minus the possible stealing). 

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