VALORANT pro wins gold at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics


A former VALORANT pro has just taken gold at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics. 


Australian VALORANT player Rowan "magnetbrain" Crothers recently took the gold medal for swimming at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics.



He competed on a team of VALORANT players from the OCE region that previously competed in the LetsPlay.Live (LPL) Challengers tournament in 2020. After the tournament, magnetbrain decided to take a break from esports to train for the Tokyo Paralympics. 


magnetbrain has cerebral palsy. This is a neurological condition that causes crippling physical disabilities. Despite cerebral palsy not having a cure, magnetbrain has pushed himself to be a talented VALORANT player and top athlete. 



The passionate athlete told 7Sport that he initially started swimming to help with his cerebral palsy. he used it as therapy and even hated it at the start. But once he heard about the Paralympics, magnetbrain decided to push himself.


And push himself he did. In the S10 category, magnetbrain was just five hundredths of a second outside of the 50 meter world record. With a time of 23.21 seconds, magnetbrain beat other big contenders in the race from the Ukraine and Brazil to claim the Gold medal. 

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