CS:GO players not happy about new CS:GO 360 Stats subscription service

Source: Valve

Valve released a brand new CS:GO update on Monday, marking the end of Operation Broken Fang. In addition to removing Operation Broken Fang, Valve updated the game's active map pool, added the new Snakebite case, and made a variety of smaller adjustments to the game.  Most notably, Valve also announced their new CS:GO 360 Stats subscription service that offers players the ability to continue using the in-game statistics features that were introduced during Operation Broken Fang,  for a small monthly fee. 



"Explore all Competitive, Wingman, and Premier Match stats in one place," Valve stated in their announcement. "Chart your progress over a single match or your career. All previously collected match stats can be viewed here. Activate a subscription to collect more!"


CS:GO players can now pay $0.99 USD a month to activate the subscription which will give them access to the CS:GO 360 Stats Hub. The Stats Hub will let you see your personal career statistics and progress, just like you could if you bought Operation Broken Fang. Keep in mind, stats will only be recorded for this service while you are subscribed to it.


CS:GO players criticize new CS:GO 360 Stats subscription

While there certainly were some fans who were excited that Valve is keeping the in-game stats feature from Broken Fang, the general reaction to the new paid service was overwhelmingly negative. Many players argued that a stats feature in CS:GO should be free, others pointed out that superior 3rd-party stat trackers already exist, and some were angry that Valve would be focused on monetizing CS:GO rather than focusing on stopping the recent influx of cheaters.


"CS:GO 360 Stats for $0.99 per month? Seriously?" stated Twitter user Pierre Dav. "Who wants to pay every month to keep his stats against the spinbots we have to fight every two games now."



"Something that should be free is behind paywall... nice job Valve." said Reddit user EpicPawPrints in response to the news. "If they REALLY want a subscription service they should make Premiere Mode and exclusive drops/items in it... and maybe raise the price to $2.50... BUT NO STATS."


"I am not happy about this. This should be given for free," Agreed fellow Reddit user TheJaz221.

"Damn this sucks, paying for a subscription fee that doesn't even provide better anti-cheat or 128 tic servers at the least, and no in-game tournaments," said Twitter user LethalScopes. "ROFL guys just play Faceit or ESEA and pay the cheaper sub fee for your stats there, or check 3rd party websites. Big disappoint in Valve."



"Thing is it's a worse version of something you get online for free," stated Reddit user LetItZip. "There are so many sites that are better than this (HLTV rating, KAST, grenade efficiency, spray accuracy, etc.)" 


"Why this game trying to kill itself?" Reddit user KerimTheGaddar said. "Why are they treating their player base like this? I really don't understand."


It seems that Valve has some work to do in selling their new subscription service to their player base.








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