VALORANT patch 2.07 adjusts Raze and Astra abilities

Source: Riot Games

VALORANT patch 2.07 went live this morning. The new patch features some minor ability adjustments for Astra and Raze, as well as some quality of life changes and bug fixes for a variety of agents in the game. Here are the most notable changes in VALORANT patch 2.07.  

Agent ability changes


In Patch 2.07, Astra's Gravity Well can now pull Agents that are defusing the Spike, and if an agent is pulled far enough the ability can now interrupt the defuse. This change will add strategic value to the Gravity Well ability when Astra is used on the attacking side.


VALORANT patch 2.07 added audio cues for Raze while she is boosted in the air by her Blast Pack. This change will give enemies slightly more aural information about Raze's position. The new patch also toned down the visual effects of Raze's explosions and Showstopper launches. Going forward, her explosions will clear out faster and be "less obscuring." 



The developers fixed a serious bug that was causing the game to sometimes miscalculate damage against players with Viper's active decay status effect. According to the patch notes, the bug was sometimes causing the target health to drop to 1 instead of 0, especially when the Marshal sniper rifle was used.  

Agent Bug fixes


The developers fixed a bug that allowed Yoru to plant the Spike after using Gatecrash while his Dimensional Shift was active.


The developers fixed a bug that was causing Astra to see a dome in the sky when she left Astral form while Omen was using their ultimate ability.


The developers fixed a bug that was causing disabled Alarmbot to chase targets that ran past them when the Alarmbot was re-enabled. They also fixed a bug with Killjoy's turret, where the turret would sometimes break when placed next to Sage's Barrier Orb.


The developers removed Cypher's ability to place his Spycam in Cyper Cage projectiles.


The developers resolved an issue that was causing Skye's Guiding Light to appear underground when thrown downward.


In addition to the agent bug fixes, VALORANT patch 2.07 also fixed a number of bugs related to the spectator and observer modes and added some minor updates related to competitive server selection and match-making penalties. Overall this is a pretty minor patch that fixed some annoying issues with the game but won't affect the metagame in any substantial way.


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