Team Liquid launches Liquid+, an unprecedented fan engagement platform


Team Liquid is announcing an unprecedented fan recognition program, building a platform that registers fan engagement across all aspects of Team Liquid. From watching professional esports matches, to watching players' Twitch streams, to responding to tweets, interacting with the community on Discord and Reddit, and more, Team Liquid will have a place for fans to measure their interaction and be recognized and rewarded for it. 


We at Inven Global were presented with a virtual walkthrough of the online platform Team Liquid created, and it truly offers a unique and captivating way to interact with the org and its players. Are you a fan of Juan "Hungrybox" DeBiedma? A big fan? Well, maybe he'll invite you and a few others to a virtual concert as a way of saying thanks. Or maybe he'll 1v1 you in Smash, or buy you dinner for a Discord movie night. 



Team Liquid is paving the way for esports fan engagement where you can earn tangible rewards like RP, V-Bucks, and more, and get invited to experiences with your favorite players. Learn more about the entire org and get more deeply in tune with their community through their new Liquid+ platform. Check out all the details here. 



The following was provided to Inven Global as a press release.



Team Liquid is thrilled to announce the open beta launch of Liquid+, a groundbreaking online fan engagement platform that presents Team Liquid supporters a place to showcase their fandom. As part of the organization’s 20th anniversary celebration this year, Liquid+ is a way to recognize and reward the vibrant Team Liquid fan community. Liquid+ will be accessible via internet browser, with a mobile app in the works for early 2021.  


At its core, Liquid+ rewards fans for supporting Team Liquid and its more than 100 pro players and influencers. When fans connect Liquid+ to the sites and social media accounts they use to interact with Team Liquid—such as Twitch, Discord, Twitter, or Reddit—Liquid+ will award them points for the time they invest. Those can be redeemed for in-game currency, event tickets, Team Liquid swag, and curated fan experiences with Team Liquid personalities, to name a few. 


Liquid+ will employ a quest system that grants bonuses upon completion. These quests will help direct fan attention to relevant events, or expose them to new streamers and games they’d never considered before. Most quests will have achievements attached to them, represented by badges fans can display in their profile’s Showcase. 


As part of a fan’s profile, Liquid+ will keep track of their lifetime points, used to rank up in membership status and unlock exclusive opportunities. Fans can have Team Liquid verify their profile page by submitting their Supporter’s Story to the organization, which will be read by someone on Team Liquid staff and used to confirm their stated first year of fandom. 


For Team Liquid, Liquid+ will offer extraordinary insight into its fanbase, allowing the organization to better understand and identify who its supporters are, what teams they cheer for the hardest, and how they show their love. This information will give Team Liquid players, streamers, teams, and staff the ability to precisely connect with fans, opening creative avenues for bespoke rewards. Team Liquid brand partnerships can leverage Liquid+ to create custom quests and promote brand-centric experiences. 


Open beta will accommodate the first 500 signups, with more to be admitted on a regular basis. Liquid+ is scheduled to exit beta in early 2021.



Steve Arhancet, Co-CEO of Team Liquid, said: “Liquid+ is a fan experience gamechanger, and not just in esports. The platform’s power will revolutionize the way sports organizations interact with their fans in the digital age, and open new ways to creatively promote awesome sponsorships. We fully expect this model to be replicated by other companies across the sporting world, and are proud to lead the charge.” 


Victor Goossens, Co-CEO of Team Liquid, said: “Our fans have given us so much over the past 20 years, and Liquid+ is how we start giving some of that love back. We want Liquid+ to be a place for fans to show their Team Liquid pride and earn cool rewards for doing it. Whether you’re a die-hard who grew up with us, a newbie whose journey with TL has just begun, or somewhere in-between, Liquid+ is for you.”



Images of the new platform seen below:




Images and assets provided by Team Liquid

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