VALORANT weapon guide: The Operator


There are many weapons in VALORANT, the tactical first-person shooter made by Riot Games. In order to become a master of the game, it's pivotal that you learn to master the weapons in it. That's why we've made a series of weapon guides for VALORANT weapons discussing the weapon cost, the weapon damage, and controlling the weapon's recoil. In this guide, we'll be talking about the Operator sniper rifle.




The Operator is by far the most expensive weapon in VALORANT. It costs a whopping 4500 credits. Needless to say, this isn't a weapon you just buy on the fly. It's the largest investment you can make, and therefore need to carry you through multiple rounds. If the rest of your team is dead and you're left alone against multiple enemies, it's well worth considering to avoid enemies and lose the round. If one of the already dead players carried an Operator, try to pick it up to save a lot of money on the next round.




The Operator handles a simple principle: one shot, one kill. Its damage is unparalleled. Even if you hit the enemy in the head but through a wall, which reduces the damage, they're guaranteed to bite the dust. A direct shot landing in the body of the opponent will also take them down, no matter how far away they are.


The table below shows the exact numbers for the damage the Operator does in VALORANT:


Target: 0-50 meter range
Body 150 damage
Head 255 damage
Leg 127 damage


Naturally, this damage comes at a price. The Operator fires consecutive bullets at an extremely low rate: 0.75 bullets per second. It takes you more than a second to fire again if you miss the target. The magazine of the Operator needs to be refilled after you've shot five times.


Hipfire accuracy


Let's make it clear: you don't want to shoot at your target with the Operator if you're not using its scope. There are two zoom functions: right-click once to get a 2.5x zoom, and right-click again to access the 5x zoom for extremely long distances. You can fire the sniper rifle in hipfire mode, but it's incredibly inaccurate. Unless you're virtually standing in the target, you will not reliably hit them.



Even if you're being ambushed up close, it's better to use your scope to try hit your target or just swap to your sidearm. This will take some practice given that the target moves relatively quickly, but it's definitely worth it. The inaccuracy of the Operator in hipfire mode, combined with its slow fire rate, make it a horrible weapon for quick, close-combat action.


To summarize:


There is little as satisfying in VALORANT as killing an enemy with the Operator. A simple click, followed by a massive blow, and down they go. But you need to think hard before making the investment to buy the Operator, because it's a big one. Make sure you set up your sniper spot well, so you have an advantage over enemies contesting the same area. Coordinate with your teammates so they can lure enemies out in the open, so you can take them down.


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