Teamfight Tactics patch 10.10 brings the long-awaited nerf to Poppy

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The patch notes for Teamfight Tactics patch 10.10 have been revealed by Riot Games. In the patch, which is set to go live later, the TFT developers make the regular balance adjustments to champions and items, and once again introduce a new galaxy to the autobattler.


The most standout change coming to TFT is the nerf to Poppy, the 1-cost Star Guardian Vanguard who had been a source of frustration to many. With a two-Vanguard synergy active, and ideally a few Star Guardians to make Poppy use her ult often, Poppy was almost unkillable in many situations. Especially if you managed to get a Rabadon's Deathcap, the tanky Yordle would refresh her incredibly strong shield so often, that she would single-handedly finish off the enemy team. In patch 10.10, both the damage her ability does and the shield amount she receives at her second and third level are being reduced significantly to curb her power.


On the buff-side of things, Yasuo is being improved to be less squishy and to trigger his ultimate ability quicker. He receives 100 more health, jumping to 700 in total. He'll consistently need less mana to cast Last Breath: instead of requiring 100 mana to activate, it drops down to 90 mana.


A new galaxy appears


Once more, Riot Games is adding a galaxy to Teamfight Tactics. The Galactic Armory galaxy gives each player two full items at the start of the game. Here's the kicker: everyone receives the same two items. So before you go all-in on a certain strategy that fits the items you received, you have to realize that many of your opponents might opt for the same strategy.


There's also a small change to the Superdense galaxy, which would reward every player with a free Force of Nature once they reached level 5 in-game. Instead of that, every player now receives a Force of Nature automatically at the start of round 3-1.


The updated galaxy odds are as follows:


Galaxy Effect Odds
Normal game - 30%
Galactic Armory 2 full items at start 12.5%
Treasure Trove All creeps drop something 10%
Trade Sector One free re-roll each round 10%
Star Cluster Carousels offer level 2 one-star, two-star, and 3-star units 7.5%
The Neekoverse 2 free Neeko's Helps for all 7.5%
Lilac Nebula First carousel offers four-costs 7.5%
Medium Legends Players start with 125 health 7.5%
Superdense Galaxy Receive a free Force of Nature at the start of round 3-1 7.5%


All champion and item changes:


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For a preview of the changes coming to champions in Summoner's Rift, read the patch notes preview!



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