League of Legends Patch 10.10 buffs Support players, features new skins


Swiftly after the League of Legends patch 10.9 rolled out, Riot Games has touched bases on how the upcoming patch 10.10 will be affecting the game, focusing on the upbringing of support champions.  The complete patch notes will be released on May 13.


Balance Changes


Hitting on the note of balance changes, lead gameplay designer Mark Yetter released the first patch nerf and buff previews to his twitter. As mentioned in his post, Bot Lane and Mid Lane power are not addressed in patch 10.10, as Riot Games is looking to spend more time balancing things out before rolling out an update.


The update will be buffing champions like Nidalee, Soraka, Lux Support, Sivir, Annie, Irelia, Twisted Fate, and Udyr. Although using Lux as a support champion might seem untraditional, ever since patch 10.4, Riot has been making changes to the champion’s balance to ensure she is a viable pick for the position. Patch 10.10 will nerf Katarina, Miss Fortune, Taric, Diana, Maokai, Kayn, and Kled. 



Another champion that continues to be worked on is Fiddlesticks, this time, in attempts to address his passive ability. His minion damage has been reduced to 40% from 60%. His scarecrow pose will take two seconds as opposed to one in order to be activated, and if it casts a spell on an opponent while in effigy form, the enemy will be feared as if it was unseen, if Fiddlesticks has not been damaged or revealed to be in its true form.


Ultra Rapid Fire


Remember the League of Legends Ultra Rapid Fire fiesta? Originally introduced on April Fools, the URF mode will be making a comeback this upcoming patch is currently available on PBE for playtesting, with the addition of Fiddlesticks to champion selection.


New Skins


Pulsefire is making a comeback, as part of this year’s next big League of Legends event. Four new skins have been announced, including Ekko, Lucian, Fiora, and Pantheon. Each skin will be available for 1350 Riot Points, with a new Prestige skin tailored for Lucian. Don't forget the FunPlus Phoenix League of Legends World Championship skins are still available for a limited time.


Pulsefire Ekko
Pulsefire Lucian
Pulsefire Fiora
Pulsefire Pantheon

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    level 1 gloria_backer


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      level 28 raptorsenpai


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      level 1 frank_smith


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