Teamfight Tactics is coming to iOS and Android mid-March, supporting cross-platform play

▲ Star Guardian Poppy will join Teamfight Tactics in a few months.


Ever since Teamfight Tactics hit the live servers, players have wanted a mobile client for the autobattler. Unlike League of Legends, players aren't as reliant on mechanical prowess, making it far easier to port to smartphones. After developer Stephen 'Mortdog' Mortimer teased earlier that TFT mobile would be launching "before May 31st" this year, we now have a more concrete launch date: mid-March.


Granted, we can't count down the days exactly yet, but it is significantly more precise than what we had before. Teamfight Tactics will be available on iOS and Android devices in most countries, and feature full cross-platform play in most regions. It opens up the game to a vastly larger audience, and can only help grow its player base.


Set 3 explores the galaxy


Teamfight Tactics has been in Set 2 for just over two months now, and the next set is already on the horizon. Like the mobile component for TFT, the game's third set is expected to go live mid-March. It's probably not as much as a shake-up as the transition from Set 1 to Set 2—TFT developer MapleNectar told us in December that they'd be bringing more champions back that players already know—but naturally, there are some new toys to play with.


After exploring the elements in Set 2, Riot is taking to the stars for Set 3. Themes they've teased include 'star', 'space' and 'out of this world', as well as 'pulse' and 'project'. These all directly point towards skin lines found in League of Legends, and Riot has already shared some of the champions we can expect to join Teamfight Tactics.


▲ Pulsefire Shen.


▲ Odyssey Jinx.


▲ PROJECT: Fiora.


So who else might (re-)join the lineup? In line with the themes Riot has teased, it wouldn't be a surprise if a couple of champions with Star Guardian skins pop up in shop in Set 3. Think of Xayah and Rakan, or perhaps Ezreal dons a star-spotted cloak. Or perhaps it's Super Galaxy Gnar's time to shine? The PROJECT skin line includes champions like Katarina and Ekko, while the Pulsefire skin line is headlined by Caitlyn. It's all speculation for now, but the prospects are exciting.


Keeping Set 2 vibrant


Of course, there's still quite a gap to bridge until mid-March, and the Teamfight Tactics developers will diligently keep releasing content for Set 2 to keep Teamfight Tactics alive. New champions will join, trailing the recently added Lunar champions Leona and Karma. Aside from the champion lineup, the items in Set 2 will continue to be tweaked as well. Patch 10.1 already adjusted and replaced a vast amount of items in the game, and that trend will be continued as Teamfight Tactics closes in on a new season.


Images via Riot Games.

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