Greekgodx embarks on another rant, calling himself "alpha male", makes "sex for seafood" claim

British variety streamer Dimitri “Greekgodx” Raymondo Antonatos, who was unbanned on Twitch mere days ago, has once again embarked on a bizarre and sexist rant, causing fans to speculate about his motivations. 



His on-stream rant centered around his perception of himself as an ‘alpha male’, and how the people criticizing him for being misogynistic, and particularly women doing so, have “no chance with someone like him anyway.” He also described in detail a truly bizarre first date scenario, in which he told his imaginary potential girlfriend to sit down and shut up, before catching and scaling a fish to impress her.



He went on to say that if the imaginary potential partner were not impressed with his aquatic hunting skills to the point she would “open her legs” and let him “plant his seed” in her, she is “for them streets” and that he would want another woman. This is inexplicably due, in Greek’s words, to the fact that the only woman he has ever caught fish for is his grandmother.

Greek can "barely control himself"

He also ranted about “beta soy males”, and complained about women wanting to control relationships, before once more labeling himself an alpha male who “barely can control” himself. He has also taken to Twitter recently to give his views women with lip fillers, ironically just before complaining he himself was being body shamed by another account.



The streamer, who was only recently unbanned following another strange series of comments regarding women, left fans wondering if his thoughts were sincere, or the result of some kind of substance issue, or mental health episode. Others speculated that he may be playing up to entertain his audience, essentially dismissing his words as “trolling for attention”.


Some viewers claimed Greek also “chanted and wailed” over a Muslim call to prayer, known as the adhan, which is disrespectful to the religion and its followers. Whatever the reasoning behind this latest outburst, it does now seem that his previous rants were far from a one-off, and it will be interesting to see how Twitch reacts to such content, having only just allowed him back on their platform. 

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