A Ghillie Suit? For real? A surprise gift from Miramar, PUBG


Last winter, Microsoft surprised us with an Xbox One Surprise Gift. This time, they sent us the Miramar Update Surprise Gift to commemorate the launch of PUBG’s Miramar test server on Xbox One.

Just like the crates that excite us in-game, this gift contained some essential and unexpected items. They are a tactical level-3 backpack, a waterskin that keeps you hydrated in the dry and scorching Miramar, a hankie for wiping your face, a tour map that helps you walk around the town for the first time, and a Ghillie Suit that guarantees your safety. Here’s a couple of snapshots of what was in the crate.

We found two big packages in the crate
Let’s check out what’s inside
And here we found a waterskin, hankie, map, and number plate
It’s a Miramar Illustrated Map!
Let’s have a look inside
Some of the peaceful scenery of Miramar
along with some leisure activities you can enjoy at the town
Hot, but beautiful weather
The map itself is detailed, with a beach advert
Map on the front, and poster on the back
However, today’s main event is THIS; a Ghillie Suit that hid itself next to the backpack
It’s pretty huge
You can still see a couple of empty spaces for ventilation
It would’ve been dragging on the ground had he not been tall enough
A crate from the sky,
and a reporter gazing upon the crate like a beast hunting its prey
“There should be no one around, right?”
*walking toward the crate VERY carefully*
Crawling was one of the worst parts of his military training, he said, and he’s doing it again now
At last!
▲ Still need to remain vigilant at all times
“LOL it’s mine now”
Brooding over his failure of not being able to open up the crate,
and he returns
Embarrassed? VERY
Let’s just get back to work…

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