Amouranth becomes co-owner of Wildcard Gaming

Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa, widely known for her adult content and streaming, has taken a significant step into the esports arena by becoming a co-owner of Houston-based Wildcard Gaming. This strategic move aligns her with fellow content creators such as Ludwig Ahgren, Jeremy "Disguised Toast" Wangm and Charlie "MoistCr1TiKaL" White, who have also ventured into the esports industry.


On June 20, 2024, Amouranth announced her new role with Wildcard Gaming. John Griffin, the other co-owner of Wildcard, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting Amouranth's intelligence and business acumen, predicting her swift and significant impact on the organization. Griffin emphasized that with the esports industry stabilizing after years of volatility, the timing was perfect for this collaboration.


Amouranth’s involvement is set to expand Wildcard Gaming's presence in North America. She will promote a new men’s and women’s apparel line through her extensive social media following, and host watch parties for the Rainbow 6 Pro League’s second season. Additionally, Wildcard plans to develop a performance center and office space in Texas, leveraging Amouranth’s investment.


Amouranth has long been interested in esports, inspired by the successes of other creators' ventures in the space. She considered several opportunities before deciding that Wildcard Gaming was the best fit for her vision of shaping a growing esports organization. Hints of this major announcement began circulating in mid-June when Amouranth released a teaser trailer on social media. 


This move into esports is the latest in a series of strategic business ventures for Amouranth. Known for her “hot tub streams” on Twitch, Amouranth has been gradually shifting away from openly sexual content, focusing more on gaming and other ventures. Despite stepping back from platforms like OnlyFans, which reportedly earns her annual eight-figure earnings, Amouranth's strategic investments ensure her financial stability and influence continue to grow.


However, while Amouranth’s financial backing and visibility promise to benefit Wildcard Gaming, her association with adult content presents potential challenges in the relatively frontward facing family-friendly esports space. While one of the biggest benefits of creator-led content has been the benefit of utilizing their brand, Amouranth's involvement will no doubt be different than other creators in the past. Historically, organizations like Team YP, sponsored by a prominent adult entertainment company, faced significant backlash and were banned from participating in various esports tournaments due to their adult industry ties. This highlights the delicate balance Wildcard Gaming must maintain in aligning with Amouranth. The organization will need to navigate potential controversies and ensure that its branding and partnerships do not alienate sponsors, players, and fans.


Amouranth’s foray into esports with Wildcard Gaming signifies a significant shift in her career trajectory, from a controversial streamer to a serious businesswoman and esports investor. Her influence and financial backing are poised to bring new opportunities and growth to Wildcard Gaming, highlighting her determination to make a lasting impact in the gaming world. Yet, the integration of her adult content persona into the esports industry will require careful handling to avoid the pitfalls that other organizations have encountered in similar situations.

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