Godzilla and Kong are taking their rivalry to PUBG Mobile


If seeing Godzilla vs. Kong in IMAX 3D wasn't immersive enough, you can now drop in to an island and fight to survive as Godzilla and Kong continue their long rivalry nearby. 


PUBG Mobile's official Twitter recently announced that Tencent will have a crossover event featuring the two kaiju on May 10. 



"Is it just us or does it look like Godzilla and Kong have been sneaking around our maps lately?" the tweet reads. The developers then prompted players to keep an eye out for clues. 


Up until this point, players saw hints that the epic battle was coming to PUBG Mobile in the beta that was released earlier this month. In the beta, players first spotted mysterious footprints and skeletal remains throughout the game. Then, Godzilla was added to Erangel and Kong to Sanhok, appearing on the mini-map. Both monsters stormed through the map, destroying buildings and crushing players. 


Godzilla's iconic roar and atomic breath sound effect can be heard as the kaiju approaches. Even his scutes light up blue before he blasts nearby cars and buildings. 



This epic crossover is very exciting for Godzilla and Kong superfans. Watching their favorite monsters stomp around, crush cars, and face off right in front of you is something to behold. Being right within the action is a new experience for fans looking to feel the heart-pounding action of Godzilla vs. Kong in a new way. 


It's not yet clear what will be added to the collaboration come May 10. But no matter what happens, let's all remember that Godzilla won the fight versus Kong in the film 2-1. 

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