Best counters, moves, and skillsets for Mega Latios/Latias in Pokemon GO



The first mega evolution of the legendary Pokemon has arrived in Pokemon GO. It’s Mega Latios and Mega Latias, both Dragon and Psychic-type Pokemon. Mega Latios’ max CP goes up to a whopping 5,007 at Lv. 40 and 5,661 at Lv. 50, and Mega Latias’ max CP is 4,801 at Lv. 40 and 5,428 at Lv. 50. The difference comes from how the CP is calculated by the attack stats. In Pokemon GO, attack stats are more valuable CP-wise. This being said, Mega Latios is one of the best attackers in the game, and Mega Latias is a bit bulkier.


Best counters for Mega Latios/Latias


The two Pokemon are both Dragon/Psychic-type, so the counters are the same. Dragon-type Pokemon are weak against Ice, Fairy, and Dragon-type attacks, while Psychic-type Pokemon are weak against Bug, Ghost, and Dark-type attacks. So going up against Mega Latios and Mega Latias, you should fill your lineup with those types. 


The best attacker against these two is Palkia at the moment, but since Palkia is a Dragon-type Pokemon, it may not be the best choice — it may not stand as long as other counters might. Many Pokemon are useful against Mega Latios and Mega Latias — Chandelure and Gengar are great Ghost-type attackers, Darmantian and Mamoswine are great Ice-type attackers, and Darkrai is a great Dark-type attacker. Weavile is also very good since it has both Dark and Ice-type attacks.




Fast Attack

Charged Attack




Shadow Ball




Shadow Ball



Ice Fang




Dragon Tail

Draco Meteor




Shadow Ball






Best moves and skillsets for Mega Latios/Latias


The fast moves Mega Latios can learn are Zen Headbutt (Psychic) and Dragon Breath (Dragon). It depends on how you’re going to use your Mega Latios. Both skills can benefit from STAB, and Mega Latios has both attack types for their charged move as well. Usually, Dragon Breath is preferred as it has quicker motion and has slightly better DPS.


The charged moves for Mega Latios are Psychic (Psychic), Dragon Claw (Dragon), and Solar Beam (Grass). All three skills are powerful moves, so it’s simple — pair your charged moves with your fast moves. If you want to use your Mega Latios as a Psychic-type attacker, go with Psychic; if you want it to be a Dragon-type attacker, go with Dragon. Solar Beam is also a very strong skill, so you should select it as your secondary charged move.



The fast moves for Mega Latias are Dragon Breath, Zen Headbutt, and Charm (Fairy). The same goes for Mega Latias. Your skill selection depends on which style you’re going for. Charm has decent DPS, but it doesn’t benefit from STAB, and the energy generation rate is quite underwhelming, so you should pass on that.


Mega Latias can learn Outrage (Dragon), Psychic, and Thunder (Electric). Outrage is one of the best Dragon-type skills in the game, but again, it’s best to pair your skill with your fast move. Both Outrage and Psychic can benefit from STAB. Unlike Mega Latios, though, Thunder isn’t as good as Solar Beam. Don’t learn Thunder for your secondary move.

Now that the first of the legendary Pokemon have arrived, there should be more to come! You better keep up with the pace to catch’em all!

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