[UPDATED 12/12; OFFICIAL] Custa announces retirement from competitive Overwatch

▲ Image Source: Overwatch League

Scott "Custa" Kennedy announced his retirement from competitive Overwatch on Thursday morning. The LA Valiant captain has been the franchise’s face since being traded by the Dallas Fuel, as well as one of the ambassadors of Overwatch League and undoubtedly the most famous Australian player in OWL.


Custa’s official retirement announcement came in the form of a twitlonger, where he thanked the Valiant for all the organization had done throughout his career, as well as his teammates and coaches both pre-OWL and during OWL.

"...To all the teams I've played with, you've all been awesome and each one has so many memories that I will never forget. Being able to compete at the highest level of competition in Overwatch and play on a stage is an unforgettable experience and a childhood dream, I will cherish these memories for the rest of my life.

Valiant has done so much for my career of the last 2 years I've been with them. To all the guys I've played with, you're awesome and I can't put into words how much each of you has helped me get to where I am today. All the Valiant staff that have worked and believed in me both in and out of the game, you're such incredible people and I've appreciated you going above and beyond to deal with my dumb self.

I still believe in Valiant more than anybody, they have an amazing set of coaching staff, and players that I know will make waves in 2020 OWL.I want to be clear that the reason I am retiring has nothing to do with Valiant, this has been a long time coming..."

Custa’s retirement comes on the heels of another massive Overwatch star hanging up his mouse and keyboard. Houston Outlaws DPS Jake announced his retirement last weekend. OWL 2020 will have to soldier on without two of its most prominent figures.

UPDATE 12/12: 

After recently retiring from the Overwatch League as players, Scott “Custa” Kennedy and Jake “Jake” Lyon are joining the Watchpoint talent team for the 2020 OWL season. 

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