South Korea are your 3-time, back-to-back Overwatch World Cup champions

In a turn of events (almost) everyone saw coming, Team South Korea swept through the Overwatch World Cup competition this weekend to cement themselves in esports history as 3-time, back-to-back BlizzCon champions. 

The team, comprised of seven top Overwatch League players in Fleta, Libero, Carpe, Fury, Fate, Jjonak, and ANAMO, was widely predicted to win their third title this year. In Overwatch, South Korea towers over other regions in terms of competitive infrastructure and player skill, with all of its World Cup team's players being considered among the absolute best in their respective roles.

Fleta, for example, is frequently lauded as one of the best all-around DPS players in the world, as are Libero and Carpe, while Jjonak is considered the best Zenyatta player ever. Thus, it was no surprise when they swept through the Incheon World Cup qualifier with an easy 5-0.

On the BlizzCon stage, they made easy work of Team Australia (3-0) and then moved onto the United Kingdom. The UK, with their Contenders-player-filled roster, had become fan-favorites after their 3-1 victory over the USA and they certainly put up a fight against South Korea, but it just was not meant to be. Despite drawing on both King's Row and Volskaya Industries, they were eliminated with a final score of 2-0.

South Korea met China in the finals late Saturday evening. Like the UK, China had also become a fan favorite for their largely unexpectedly good performance in the competition, but they, too, were no match for the juggernaut. South Korea eliminated China 4-0 in the Grand Finals, securing their third consecutive Overwatch World Cup Championship.

That is an extremely impressive score, of course, and what makes it perhaps more impressive is that South Korea has won the Overwatch World Cup every year since its inception with different rosters. In 2018, the only hold-over from South Korea's 2017 roster was Saebyeolbe, but he was replaced before BlizzCon.

Ryujehong and Zunba both competed on the 2016 and 2017 rosters, but neither returned for 2018. Otherwise, each iteration of the South Korean World Cup team has been vastly different. 

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