Origins & Skill Set of Ashe, the New Hero for Overwatch


Ashe, the 29th hero for Overwatch, was revealed at BlizzCon 2018. Ashe, the leader of an outlaw group called ‘Deadlock Gang’, comes from an extremely wealthy family who provided her with privilege throughout her life, though her parents were kept busy by their careers as business coaches and could spare little attention for their child. Ashe was mostly put in the care of B.O.B, the family’s omnic butler. When Ashe came across Jesse McCree and got her first taste of criminal life, she discovered her true talent. She founded the Deadlock Gang and sought out to make their name widely known in the American Southwest.

Ashe comes with a skill set that relies on a player’s mechanical skills to some extent; her weapon, Viper, is a semi-automatic rifle that fires quick shots and needs to be reloaded one bullet at a time. When playing Ashe, you can either reload it all the way or stop after reloading a few bullets to quickly open fire. You can also use aim-down sights to deal additional damage with more precision. With Coach Gun, one of her skills, you can knock back enemies in front of you while also propelling yourself backward - a good way to nudge enemies off cliffs or simply keep melee heroes off of you. Dynamite, another one of Ashe’s skills, sends out a bundle of explosions that go off when the fuse burns out, but you can also shoot it to make it go off early. Ashe comes with an ultimate skill that calls B.O.B, her omnic butler, out to fight for her. When using her ult, B.O.B will jump in front of Ashe and run forward; he will knock up the first targets he runs into then stop to shoot. He comes with several properties that make him stand out from the other turrets in Overwatch; he can be healed, debuffed, put to sleep, or even be nano-boosted. In addition to all that, B.O.B can even capture the contest point for you! Many of the Overwatch fans are looking forward to seeing this awesome duo in Overwatch.



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