First look at exclusive BlizzCon 2018 Overwatch skin streamed today.

▲ What will the new skin be?

Today at 3:00 PM PT Blizzard entertainment will be hosting their BlizzCon all access kick-off show. The broadcast is available to everyone and is a sneak peek at what virtual ticket holders will have access to come November 2nd and 3rd.

The virtual ticket is the next best thing to attending the conference live. Panels and live shows normally only seen by conference attendees will be on display but, most importantly to some, access to virtual in-game goodies are also given to virtual ticket holders.

This year, another new BlizzCon themed skin will be released. No one knows which Hero it is for just yet, but at the kick-off event will unveil the new legendary skin sometime during the broadcast.

You may remember the exclusive BlizzCon skins of the past, Bastion and Winston:

You can only get these skins if you attend the event or buy a virtual ticket so, in many ways, the rarity of the skins increase with each year. 

Taken directly from the official Blizzard blog post, below are the programming available for virtual ticket holders come November:

- Drawn to Adventure—Witness the creative process in action as Blizzard artists share their insights and talk about what inspires their craft.

- The Vault—See historical items from our games that are too important—and in some cases too fragile—to keep anywhere other than under lock and key.

- Elite Cosplay—From concept to creation, witness the dedication, passion, and love of the game required to compete with the best of the best at BlizzCon.

- Pause for Laughter—Get ready for an unconventional, whimsical look at Blizzard games and the unique personalities who make up our player communities.

Where to watch at 3 PM PT

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