High School Esports League's Summer Opening Qualifier. Register Now!

No school? No club? No problem! High School Esports League is a program dedicated to allowing high schools to enrich the resources needed to promote Esports. Working alongside many high schools across The United States, HSEL is now opening their Summer Opening Qualifier Tournament.

This easy to sign up tournament allows you to compete with your high school friends from anywhere you choose. With no restrictions, incoming Freshman and outgoing Seniors are all welcomed. Hosting a variety of games in the tournament such as Overwatch, CS:GO, League Of Legends, and Fortnite, the Summer Qualifier is not something you want to miss if you love games or Esports.

If interested, below is the schedule for the Summer Opening Qualifier season.


The games are played twice a week. Each round of games are put into time slots. All the matches must be played in each given time window. During the time given, games can be played at any time. The results of the matches must be reported by the end of the said given time window. Game 1 time window will be from Monday (May 28th) 12:01 AM to Wednesday (May 30th) 11:59 PM. Game 2 window will be from Thursday (May 31st) 12:01 AM to Sunday (June 2nd) 11:59 PM. 

The seasonal outline is as follows:
- Registration Opens on May 5th
- Registration Closes on May 25th (Extended)
- Qualifiers start from May 28th to June 17th
- Regular Season starts from June 18th to August 19th
- Nationals Break starts from July 8th to July 14th
- Playoff Dates: August 14th, 15th, 18th, and 19th

For more information to sign up, click here.

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