Sombra is now meta. You don't have to learn her -- but you should understand her.



When Sombra’s 
PTR buffs went live, top players like Dafran and xQc weren't happy. But whether we like it or not, the Sombra buffs are here and it’s best we adapt and learn how to work with it.

Here is what you should know:

- Faster Hack

Her Hack cast time being reduced from 0.8 seconds to 0.65 seconds is massive.  Even against hitscan heroes, it’s incredibly difficult to react to. Take a look at this example when Custa manages to complete his Sombra hacks just milliseconds before being interrupted with damage.

Instances like this are prime examples that illustrate why such a small buff on paper, leads to completely different outcomes in game.

- Able to Hack more movement abilities

The Hack buff also disables additional movement abilities such as Mercy’s Angelic Descent.  This makes for a much easier kill on Mercy.


Pharah’s Hover Jets are also now hackable.  This opens the possibility for environmental kills, as Fitzy demonstrates with style.



- Machine Pistol spread reduction

With a tighter bullet spread, it means Sombra will have more DPS from Hack ranges.  This is a major headache for enemy Tracer players who want to duel at closer distances.


- Don’t forget about the Translocator buff!

In this EMP + Earthshatter combo, Custa secures his kills and escapes Zarya’s harassment in the last 2 seconds.  It’s easy to see how much leniency and positioning power the extra 5 seconds will give Sombra.


- Which role does Sombra replace?

Analyst Mikeymike has been reviewing various Korean scrims and noticed an 85%+ pick rate for Sombra as 2nd DPS, replacing what would have been a projectile DPS hero.

Because of Sombra’s boom in pick rate, there has also been a rise for Soldier: 76 and Ana picks, given that they are heroes who are not as heavily affected by Sombra’s Hack.

The changes have made Sombra powerful enough to change the rules of engagement.  Even if you don’t play her, it’s important to understand her toolkit more than ever.


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