London Spitfire's Fissure and Rascal will be transferring to LA Gladiators and Dallas Fuel



Fissure (Chan-Hyung Baek), the main tank in London Spitfire, will be transferring to the LA Gladiators.


Fissure’s whereabouts were first announced by ESPN on February 13th. According to their new report, the LA Gladiators is in the middle of transferring Fissure to their roster and is waiting for the Overwatch League’s approval.

According to ESPN, Jack Etienne, the CEO of London Spitfire said, “We’re pursuing negotiations with the Los Angeles Gladiators to make this transfer happen.” This means that Fissure’s transfer to the LA Gladiators is for certain.

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Fissure joined the London Spitfire as their main tank, although he did not play in most of the matchups during the past League schedule. As for the Gladiators, iRemiix (Luis Galarza) was their only main tank, but they will now be able to have two different tanks available once Fissure joins.



Whether the LA Gladiators intend to recruit further players besides Fissure or not is yet to be known.

Additionally, according to ESPN, Rascal (Dong-jun Kim) will be transferring to the Dallas Fuel and is also waiting for the League’s approval as well.

Jack Etienne said, “We're pursuing negotiations with the Dallas Fuel to make this transfer happen.” This shows that Rascal’s transfer to the Dallas Fuel is certain as well.

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Rascal was a DPS player for the London Spitfire, and with his addition to Dallas, the team would have 5 DPS players, including Taimou, EFFECT, Seagull, and aKm.

It is rumored that the Dallas Fuel is in middle of recruiting Sowhat, a former tank for Lunatic-Hai, along with aKm and Rascal, although this is not certain.



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