Overwatch League Tokens added in the store, allow purchase of one skin with 100 tokens


On January 9th, the Overwatch League Token along with team skins were added in the game.

The tokens are a currency that is used to purchase the skins of 12 teams participating in the Overwatch League. A player can purchase one team skin of a particular hero with 100 tokens, and the price of 100 tokens is $4.99.

Just like team-based goods in other sports, profits from the sales of team skins with the Overwatch League Tokens will provide financial support for the designated team. Players can show their support for their favorite team by wearing the in-game team uniform skins.

To celebrate the release of the Overwatch League Token, a 1-month event will take place where 100 tokens are freely given to all players who log in to the game during the event period, and players can purchase a team skin immediately.

The Overwatch League menu has been added to the menu screen.
Players can purchase one team skin of a particular hero with 100 tokens, which are given when they log in
Purchase is also available in the store menu


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