[OWL Media Day] Shanghai Dragons: “Our biggest strength is that we are an all-Chinese team.”

On January 10th, all 12 teams in the Overwatch League participated in Media Day held at Irvine, California and shared their enthusiasm and ambition towards the OWL.

The Shanghai Dragons was the first team to have a brief interview with Inven and other Chinese media. The Shanghai Dragons said that they have the advantages of being the only all-Chinese team and will learn from all other teams.


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Q. The Shanghai Dragons is the only all-Chinese team in the OWL. There isn’t much information on Chinese Overwatch pros and fans are anxious to see them in the OWL. Will other Chinese pros play in the OWL in the future?

I was surprised a bit in the beginning that the Shanghai Dragons was an all-Chinese team. We are planning to recruit more players, and the new players will come from not only China but also from other countries as well.

Q. What are some advantages that the Shanghai Dragons have?

Our biggest strength is that we are an all-Chinese team. We are getting a lot of attention because of that and we feel a lot of pressure, but the pressure can work as positive stress for us. We will perceive it as an opportunity for us to try harder, and will be able to achieve our goals.

Q. How did you prepare for the OWL since the end of the pre-season?

We could learn our strengths and weaknesses from the matches that we had in the pre-season. We focused on how to win against other teams’ strengths with our own strengths, and decided which mechanics we should focus on while we practice.


Q. (To Diya) Diya was especially amazing as Widowmaker during the pre-season. Those headshots were impressive. There are many skilled Widowmaker players in the OWL. Is there any specific Widowmaker player that drew your attention?

Diya: I cannot name all of them right now. [smiles] But, I’m watching other players’ matches and streams and practicing a lot.

Q. You will be playing against the LA Gladiators and the San Francisco Shock in the first week. Any thoughts on the two teams? Which team gives you more pressure?

Both teams are very strong. We will monitor their matches and analyze their strategies, and will prepare for the matchups based on them.

Q. Are there any teams in the Pacific Division that the Shanghai Dragons is keeping an eye on?

We are keeping an eye on all teams that are in the Pacific Division with us. The OWL is a new area and a new challenge for all teams that are in the league. We have to fight against the things that we have never met. We are keeping an eye on all teams, and will learn from all of them. It will be the same for all teams, regardless of what Division they are from.

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