In memory of INTERNETHULK, the brightest star in Overwatch

A special award was introduced by the Overwatch League on November 15th. This award is not for players that led their team to victory or for those with the best skills, but for players with the most positive influence over the Overwatch community. It was the Dennis Hawelka Award, for players who lead other players with pleasant energy while being considerate and respecting others, both teammates and opponents alike.

Dennis Hawelka (INTERNETHULK) was one of the main players for Team EnVyUs, the winning team of Overwatch APEX Season 1, and prepared for the 2nd phase of his life as the coach for Team Liquid. He passed away on November 8th, and this award was introduced to commemorate him. He was one of the most beloved gamers, known for his kindness and warmth towards other players, regardless of their teams and nationalities.

Even though he may have left this world at such young age, he will always be remembered as the treasured player of Team EnVyUs, who made an effort inside and outside the game to make Overwatch tournaments a better place for everyone.

※ Please leave a commemorative comment for Dennis Hawelka in the comment section below. The comments will be put together into a separate record which will be placed by INTERNETHULK’s grave. We are accepting all commemorative comments from fans all over the world.



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    level 1 RichardHaro

    His life cut short, but he left his mark on this Earth. His passion, his determination, his memory flow onwards through the river of time. Goodbye, Dennis.

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    level 1 Quinn_Hubbarth

    Dennis was a beacon of light to all those he touched and to all those who watched him. May he forever rest in peace.

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    level 1 chogoon

    I will remember you. You are very nice guy. It is too sad that you do not exist in this world anymore. Because you are younger than me. You are too young to leave the world. You have a lot of positive influence on many overwatch users. I am big fan of yours. Res in peace. - from South Korea.

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