Overwatch APEX Finals: Lunatic-Hai “I’d like to thank my teammates for holding out so well.'


Lunatic-Hai again remained glorious with two consecutive victories by defeating KongDoo Panthera in OGN Overwatch APEX Season 3 Finals on July 29th. Lunatic-Hai was one set behind with repeated wins and losses, although they managed to stay focused and won by a neck in the last 5th and 6th set, snatching the victory. They lost to KongDoo Panthera in the 2nd Group Stage, but once again proved to be a great team by avenging their defeat in the Finals.


Here is our interview with Lunatic-Hai, who dominated the tournament two times in a row.



Q. Congratulations on your victory! How do you feel about it?

Head Coach Baek: We went through difficult times since the last season. I think we were able to win by gaining strength from overcoming these difficulties. I personally feel happy that everyone from our team seems to have grown. I thank my team for their great work.

Coach Chae: Everyone from our team strived hard on their own. They’d listen to us closely when we offered our help. We also thank everyone who helped us. Even though we’re in the same team, I’d like to tell our players that they did great.

tobi: It was a hard earned victory. I’d like to thank my teammates for holding out so well.

EscA: We had many critical moments today. I’d like to thank my teammates for keeping their focus until the end in spite of many tight spots we had go through in the games.

ryujehong: No words will express how happy I am. We were lucky to have two consecutive victories even though it isn’t an easy thing to do.

zunba: Both Finals were tight, full-set matches. This is why I feel these were invaluable victories.

Miro: I am so happy and enlightened. It doesn’t feel real. We could have been placed 2nd twice in a row, but we were placed 1st instead, which is really amazing.

Gido: I am extremely happy.

Whoru: I did nothing in the Finals this time. My teammates did so great that they look amazing.

Q. How do our two MVP players feel right now?

ryujehong: I was voted for MVP like the last Finals. I was a little embarrassed to be selected because it felt like all I did was just die. Anyway, I am so grateful for being chosen as MVP.

Gido: It was my first time playing in this season, and I am happy that I was selected for MVP and won.

Q. You kept getting different teammates, but you were able to win. If there’s nothing that changed, what would that be?

EscA: We have a strong friendship. I think the trust we put in each other played a big role.

Q. (To Coach Chae) Three of your players must have had not enough practice due to their Overwatch World Cup preparation.

Coach Chae: It wasn’t just the Overwatch World Cup- we also had several events that we had to attend. Saying that we didn’t get enough practice would feel like an excuse. We decided to actively use what we were good at instead of preparing new things. We prepared to play against KongDoo Panthera. Our team showed how they improved even during the game.

Q. (To Gido) Congratulations on being selected as MVP! You were appointed as the key player this season rather urgently in the team that won in the last season. Did you ever feel burdened by the replacement?

Gido: To be honest, I did. I tried really hard, believing that I should trust my teammates and focus on doing my best.

Q. (To EscA) Some has been saying that you’ve been falling behind, but it seems that you played brilliantly from the 2nd Group Stage to the Finals.

EscA: Many found ‘-22’ number to leave much to be desired. Personally, I don’t think I played that bad in that match. And I had confidence that I would do well after the match against KongDoo Panthera in the 2nd Group Stage.

Q. (To Miro) How did you feel playing against Fissure’s Winston?

Miro: He was really good. I thought about changing my gameplays to adjust to opponent player, although sticking to my own gameplay seemed to have worked out in the end.

Q. It’s been a long time since Whoru came out in public. Will he be able to play in the next season?

Head Coach Baek: He is being punished right now. He will be able to play when the team needs him since he is part of our team. But he did cause a problem this season. Many fans wondered why Whoru didn’t get to play in the match despite his great skills back then. But we are Lunatic-Hai, not Whoru’s team, so I held him back from playing this season. I hope that this will cause Whoru to have self-reflection and display better performance. I don’t think there should be strange rumours about Whoru going around anymore.

Whoru: I’ll try harder from now on.

Q. Do you have anything you’d like to add?

ryujehong: There are many people who like to judge based on just Kills-Deaths score from Winston’s Lab. There are people who really judge based only on your kills and deaths; however, there are players who get high kill scores by striking last, or players who constantly score assists. I hope that you don’t judge players based only on these scores.

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