EnVyUs Effect: “Officially recruited to Team EnVyUs by getting promoted to the quarterfinals"



On May 30th, Team EnVyUs won against the BK Stars by 3-0 in the 2nd match of Day 10 at the Overwatch APEX Season 3 Group Stage, held in OGN eStadium, Seoul. Hyun ‘Effect’ Kim led the team at the front with Tracer, despite him not being in a good condition. Thanks to his performance, EnVyUs was able to grasp victory with ease.

This was the interview we had with Effect after the match.

Q. It was a complete victory. How do you feel?

I didn’t feel great since I had a cold, but it as a relief that my team did great. I’m really glad.

Q. I had no clue you had a cold. Your performance today wasn't bad.

I thought I wouldn’t do well today. I kept coughing so I had a hard time focusing on the game. I was unstable, especially in the first Control match, but my teammates backed me up. From that moment, I was back on my feet again.

Q. You’ve been promoted to the quarterfinals with 3 wins. Is there any team you’d like to play against in the quarterfinals?

That would be Meta Athena. I’d like to play against them this time.

Q. Is there any player you’re keeping your eyes on the most in Meta Athena?

That would be ‘Sayaplayer,’ of course. He’s difficult to play against as he has great aim that can kill Tracer with one shot.

Q. Is there any solution to playing against an opponent who continues to mark Tracer?

I got marked many times in today’s match against the BK Stars. For now, I keep trying to increase my survivability with greater mechanics. Honestly, if a Tracer can survive from getting marked by two opponents, then I think that game is already won.

Q. What was the key factor in your victory against the BK Stars?

Our team is full of confidence. Our scrimmage results are extremely good. If I’m in a good condition, no one can catch me. I think I’ll keep progressing unless I’m in a slump.

Q. Which team do you think will be the most difficult to play against in the finals?

I believe it would be LW Blue. There are players who are great at playing D.VA, Tracer, and Sombra that I expect will be tough to play against.

Q. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I’ve been officially recruited to Team EnVyUs starting from today. The condition for my official recruitment was getting promoted to the quarterfinals. I’d appreciate it if both Korean and foreign fans would continue to watch and be interested in our matches.


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