Lunatic-Hai Whoru: "100 out of 100. Gido was amazing today."

The 7th day of Overwatch APEX Season 3 ended with Lunatic-Hai’s 3-1 victory over Mighty AOD. Lunatic-Hai is now in first place with 2 wins and 0 loss. The match started with Lunatic-Hai’s defeat, but they sucessfully turned the game around after Game 1 and ended the day with a victory.

Below is our post-match interview with Whoru who showed amazing gameplay with Genji, his all-time favorite character, and Tracer.



How do feel about winning today?

I’m really happy with our victory. I thought we could win the Control map but we couldn’t. Other than that, I’m feeling great.

What was going on in your booth after you lost Game 1?

We didn’t even get to try out the new strategy we’ve been woking on, and the shot calling didn’t go well. We talked to each other about those issues after Game 1.

You won the team fight at the end of Game 2, even though you were falling behind with ultimates.

Lucky for us, the other team made a mistake. We successfully countered the enemy’s ults with Nano Boost and Dragonblade. I was lucky I didn’t get hit by Reinhardt’s ult.

Is there any special reason your team chose Reaper in Game 3?

We chose Reaper to counter Sombra’s health pack hack. Reaper can kill the enemies who are running towards health pack, and also good in defending control points.

Would you like to say anything to Gido, who made a debut today?

I would give 100 out of 100. He was truly amazing today. Gido and I can definitely play as a team.

How are you preparing for your next match?

I’ve been practicing a lot. I’ll follow the current meta.

Any last words?

You haven’t seen everything I’ve got. I hope you are looking forward to seeing my gameplay.

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