HLE head coach DanDy on facing KT: “As it is the last chance for both of us, the key is to stay focused throughout the series.”


The engine of Hanwha Life Esports stopped briefly as they lost to Gen.G 1-3 in the 2023 LCK Spring Split playoffs. Thanks to the new LCK playoffs system, Hanwha Life Esports will have another chance to advance to the finals from the losers bracket, where they will face KT Rolster. After the match, head coach Choi “DanDy” In-kyu and jungler Kim “Clid” Tae-min joined the media room to discuss the game.



How do you evaluate today’s game?


DanDy: We didn’t lose one-sidedly in all games — we had our moments, and we lost some games as they were turned around. That’s regretful.


Clid: Our performance today was worse than how we played against Dplus KIA.


As you said, the sharpness of the last match wasn’t seen as much.


DanDy: Gen.G dealt well with the cards that we played in our last match. We also had some communication mistakes in advantageous situations, so what we built up tumbled. Especially in game 1.


Clid: My performance was bad. If I had taken more initiative when we played, we could have had a better result.


What was the most critical moment?


Clid: We gave up too much turret cold in the bot lane before the Rift Herald in game 4, and our fight at the raptors in game 1 was regretful. Overall, my teammates and I didn’t do our roles properly in certain situations.


You still showed your strength in game 3. 


DanDy: I felt good after the draft in game 3. The concept of our composition was clear, and everyone just needed to focus on the strength of the comp. They did that well in the game. Since my players like to focus on the opponent, and they do it well, we’ll be working toward that direction when we prepare for KT Rolster.


What do you think the key point of the match will be?


DanDy: KT is a team that has a strong top lane. As it is the last chance for both of us, the key is to stay focused throughout the series. The game will go to whoever maintains better concentration.

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