[KOF Arena] From mining FM to cashing, the monetization process

Connecting Marblex Wallet 

King of Fighters Arena is a fighting game where the main content is fighting against the opponent. However, if you play after purchasing a controller, you can gain FM, and you can earn money by exchanging the FM you earned through playing. To purchase a controller, you have to connect Marblex Wallet.


Creating a wallet after joining MARBLEX

Log in to the game on your phone and connect your email account in settings. If you log in through the connected email account on the PC version, the token exchange will be activated. In that menu, you can finish connecting your Marblex wallet.


Purchasing Controllers : In-app purchase, marketplace trade

With 2,400 diamonds (in-game resource), you can purchase 1 controller box. You need about $160 to make an in-app purchase of 2,400 diamonds. If you want to make the purchase on the PC version, you’ll need to register a credit card. On mobile, it depends on the connected Google or iOS environment.



You can also purchase opened controllers or unopened boxes from Marblex marketplace. With the opened controllers, you can see the attributes and sockets in detail before you make the purchase, but if the attributes are good, the price is high as well. To use the marketplace, you need to purchase MBX coins from the exchange and move it to your Marblex Wallet.


▲ You can purchase controller boxes at a lower price in the marketplace than making an in-app purchase.
▲ You need to look at the sockets and attributes in detail when purchasing opened controllers.


Fighting while using energy: Mining FM

When you connect a controller, you gain a new resource: Energy, and FM is added to the reward for fighting. You use up 1 energy per fight, and like AP, 1/4 of the maximum energy is charged every 6 hours from noon. If you have multiple controllers, you gain more max energy, and the amount of energy that is recharged also increases.



The amount of mined FM depends on the efficiency stat of the controller and the outcome of the fight according to your tier. You can gain about 10% more in 3v3 fights than in 1v1 fights. Therefore, you should invest the 4 attribute points mainly in efficiency whenever you increase the level of your controller, and use up your energy and AP mainly on 3v3 fights.


▲ The most important stat on your controller is Efficiency.


The mined FM can be used in many different things, such as repairing, leveling up, minting, and opening sockets of your controller, or to upgrade gems, enhancing fighter masteries, etc. You can cash out your FM through the exchange, but it’s better to use up your FM on your controller until it is Lv. 9 as an investment.


In Gold 1 tier, where most players are, the fastest way to regain the money you invested in 1 controller is to level it up to Lv. 9. You have to raise the resilience to 12 so that the durability used up per fight is decreased to about -3, and invest all remaining attribute points in efficiency to increase the amount of mining.


▲ If you have multiple controllers, the total amount and recovery of the energy increases, and you can mine that much more


Monetization process : FM → FCT → MBXL → MBX → USDT → USD

To exchange the FM you mined, you need to exchange it to FCT in the token exchange menu, which is only available on the PC version. The exchange ratio changes every Monday at 10AM (UTC-8) and black diamonds are used for the exchange fee. You can gain black diamonds through in-app purchase or exchange them in the black diamond exchange with 5,000 FM in the ‘black diamond exchange’, which is open every Tuesday for 24 hours.

1. FM → FCT Exchange: Use token exchange (PC)

2. FCT → MBXL Exchange : Use Marblex Wallet

3. MBXL → MBX Exchange : Use Marblex Wallet

4. MBX → USDT → USD : Send tokens to the exchange and monetize

After copying the exchange wallet address, move the tokens from Marblex Wallet to the exchange to monetize

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