Rogue’s SoOn: “We are focusing on winning against the top teams rather than on the winning streak”

On April 5th, Rogue won against Mighty AOD on the 3rd day of Overwatch APEX Season 3 Group Stage held at Sangam eStadium. This was the match where SoOn’s Tracer and aKm’s Soldier:76 gameplay outshined.

This is the interview we had with SoOn, who managed to outplay with Tracer in the match.

Q. How do you feel about your victory?

I feel great. We expected to win by 3-0, but we lost one set to Mighty AOD.

Q. You were officially on 35 winning streak. What’s your secret to it?

As for being on a winning streak, we don’t really keep that on our mind since the teams we played against weren’t that great compared to Lunatic-Hai or Team EnVyUs. We are focusing on winning against the top teams.

Q. You were quick to lose at Temple of Anubis. What do you think is the reason behind that?

Temple of Anubis was a map that we didn’t get much practice playing in. And since we don’t play Widow Maker and Sombra that much, we couldn’t successfully deal with playing against them. We didn’t do great in that round in overall so that’s why we lost. We’ll practice more playing in Temple of Anubis.

Q. You moved from Misfits. Is there anything you found different?

Communicating in English wasn’t easy back when I was in Misfits. When we were playing in IEM, we had to use English as skipjack was on our team, but now communication is much easier since everyone on our team is French.

Q. You’ll be playing against KD Panthera next.

I watched KD Panthera play against Lunatic-Hai, and they have good adaptability. They could have won against Lunatic-Hai with their great gameplay. We’ll be preparing for the match as we usually do by scrimming.

Q. Is there anything you’d like to say more?

I’d like to thank our global fans. I’d like to especially thank my teammates and our sponsors.

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