Is the Junker Queen coming to Overwatch 2?

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The Overwatch community has been speculating about the Junker Queen becoming a playable hero for quite some time — and now it looks like Junker Queen is one of the next possible additions to Overwatch 2's roster. 


Junker Queen has been a mysterious figure in the background of the Overwatch gameplay and lore for a while. Fans especially started discussing the possibility of Junker Queen becoming a bigger part of the game after hearing all of her lines in Junkertown. Even Jeff Kaplan commented on her in the past, saying the Overwatch team had "big plans" for her. 



On April 5, former Overwatch League coach Felix "Fefe" Munch leaked some surprising information about an upcoming hero. According to Fefe, he got the info from a viewer. It's been difficult to verify the validity of the leak, but the Overwatch community can't help but clamor over the leak as the Overwatch 2 Beta gets closer. 


Fefe shared the information with his viewers, revealing what could very well be an early look at Junker Queen. 



The leak has been translated on Reddit, giving more insight into the screenshots shared by Fefe. 

Junker Queen abilities revealed

Junker Queen's kit and abilities have been shared by Fefe, although it's still unclear if the leaks are real — and if they are, it's not for certain who the hero wielding the weapon and abilities is. 


Scattergun: Junker Queen's primary weapon is a shotgun. But she will also have a sword-like melee weapon that has a bleed effect, dealing damage over time. The leaker also told Fefe that the sword would be throwable, possibly "booping" enemies. 


Battle Cry: Translated as "Rallying Call" or "Battle Cry," this ability gives Junker Queen an extra 200 HP and allies 100 HP. This may also include a movement buff, making it a bit similar to Brigitte's ultimate in some ways. 


Carnage: This ability deals damage to all enemies in front of Junker Queen, including a bleeding effect that deals damage over time. 


Adrenaline Shot: This passive ability heals all damage done through bleeding effects, which currently include abilities like Ashe's Dynamite or Widowmaker's Venom Mine. And Junker Queen's Carnage, of course. 


Rampage: This is Junker Queen's ultimate, allowing her to charge in front of enemies and deal an anti-healing attack to them, similar to Ana's Biotic Grenade. 


It's difficult to say what role Junker Queen would have, but Fefe believes she would be a support or tank hero based on her alleged kit. With the new 5v5 format, it seems more likely to see heroes with blended roles like this, making Junker Queen's kit seem very realistic. Still, the Overwatch community won't know for sure until the Overwatch team announces the new hero officially. 

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