Overwatch 2 devs respond as fans continue to demand beta release date and info


What is left of the Overwatch community is fed up with lack of information on Overwatch 2's beta release date. 


There have been rumors about an upcoming Overwatch 2 beta, with many speculating that the sequel is coming soon due to the upcoming Overwatch League Season 5, which is allegedly being played on an early build of Overwatch 2. There have even been some possible leaks that pointed to a looming beta just overhead. 


But it's now been over a month. 


Not only has the beta not been revealed, but Activision Blizzard hasn't even given any details about the beta or its release date. Overwatch fans have started to voice frustration with the situation, explaining that they feel left in the dark after years of delays. It all came to a head when a group of fans started demanding news on a post about the Overwatch Empowerment Cup. 


Community Manager Andy "Andy B" Belford decided to respond. 


Andy B explained: “The team is very aware of the current conversation happening here on the forums. When we have more to share regarding those other matters you’re alluding to, we will. Keep in mind that addressing the biggest concerns on the forums (namely OW2 WHEN, game updates WHEN?) require massive coordination, both in terms of development, publishing, and approvals all the way up the chain.”



News is on the way but developers still don't have information to share. Andy B stated that they want to reveal information in a way that's "respectful of the work the team is doing behind the scenes" while simultaneously helping fans feel they are being "brought along for the journey." But he understands why fans are losing faith. 


“I get this, and usually go out of my way to avoid being tease-y or leading anyone on," Andy B said. “It’s perfectly understandable to be skeptical of us right now. Were I in your position, I’d be similarly guarded and reserving judgment until you learn more. All I’ll say is we look forward to re-earning your trust.”


So that's that. There is still no information about Overwatch 2 or the beta. But at least developers are aware that the lack of information is no longer acceptable to the Overwatch fans that are still holding out hope. 

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