Cosplay Spotlight: Jordan Duncan and Henchmen Studios


Jordan Duncan (pictured above) is both an established Cosplayer and founder of Henchmen Studios where he now serves as Creative Director. Henchmen Studios is premiere name in the Cosplay and chances are you have already seen some of their amazing props around the internet. I personally visited during one of Jordan’s build sessions and the level of detail was incredible. Holding the finished products in your hands is a surreal experience: if looks exactly like the in-game model!

Jordan was more than willing to answer my questions our latest INVEN Global Cosplay Spotlight:

What first drew you to cosplay?

In addition to growing up a passionate and dedicated gamer, I was a pretty intense model-making enthusiast. Years down the road, I learned about cosplay through a game I was playing that sponsored a cosplayer and made a video series spotlighting their work and creation process bringing characters to life. From there I was hooked! Cosplay utilized many of the same skills that model-making does, just on a larger scale. Making things I could wear and use to become the characters I loved had never crossed my mind, but once it did I had to get involved!

What is the most satisfying thing about Cosplay?

The most satisfying thing about cosplay... I honestly don't think I can narrow it down to one moment or feeling - there are so many rewarding parts of this hobby. Enjoying the build process; seeing a finished prop/costume brought to life, interacting with the community, and teaming up with friends... it can be such an amazing experience at all times!


Who are some cosplayers you look up to?

There are so many cosplayers I admire for various reasons. Having a career that exists in the peripheral of the cosplay scene, I've always greatly admired Yaya Han as both an artist & business woman; and Jessica Nigri for her dedication to her craft, talent, resilience & attitude, I don't know many people that work as hard as she does.

There are also a ton of skilled makers whose work always inspires me to push our work further and further; Harrison Krix of Volpin Props; Bill & Britt of Punished Props; the crew behind Impact Props... honestly there are so many insanely talented people in this community, I could go on forever.


What type of characters do you love to cosplay?

Looking back at the characters I've chosen to cosplay, I've realized there are a few constants or trends with the characters I choose. I gravitate towards epic props, cool masks/helmets, and those who generally fall on the villain side of the spectrum.

Furthermore, I generally stick to cosplaying my favorite characters from games I play or am passionate about - it gives you that extra incentive to see a project through to completion, as there can be a ton of obstacles in bringing a character to life.



What cosplay achievements are you most proud of?

My most proud cosplay related achievement are those I share with our team at Henchmen Studios. I'm fortunate enough to get to go to work every day with a talented group of hardworking creators, and we've gotten to work on some pretty cool projects; from working with Blizzard to bring to life dozens of the most iconic characters to life; doing costumes & props for the opening Cinematic of Titanfall 2; as well as working with amazing clients all over the world to bring parts of their games into the real world, be it a character, prop, or display piece.

What would be your ideal travel destination?

Anywhere with lots of scenic places to climb, hike, bike, and explore - I'm not one for sitting still, I always love finding adventure, new areas to explore and finding the beauty in whatever location I find myself in.


What is the hardest part about cosplay?

Cosplay is a commitment; it's not something that can easily be a small hobby (at least for me). Deciding to bring a character to life through costume is a big undertaking, and you can end up spending all your free time for over 6 months or a year just to bring one character to life; it goes to show you that cosplayers truly are among some of the most passionate fans there are - No one would invest that amount of time into something they weren't emotionally invested in one way or another.


What do you do for fun besides cosplay?

With costume fabrication & prop making taking over a good chunk of my life and becoming a career, I've only recently gotten into other hobbies again besides cosplay. I've really developed a passion and hunger for knowledge in the worlds of videography and photography - it sprouted from a need to create content for our company, but it's definitely found a significant place in my life alongside cosplay. As previously mentioned, I also love to be outdoors, hiking and mountain biking.


Where can people see more of your cosplay?

You can find the work our team at Henchmen Studios creates at our website or various social media pages, for those that want to follow my personal work and adventures - you can find me on Instagram at @jordan.em.duncan

Instagram: @HenchmenStudios
Twitter: @HenchStudios


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