Will Jetpack Cat be in Overwatch 2?


I'm still thinking about Jetpack Cat. 


There are many interesting threads of lore within the Overwatch universe, with every hero slowly revealing an extensive backstory through comics, in-game dialogue, art books, and short films. Through it all, Jetpack Cat is one mystery that I want to be solved in Overwatch 2


At BlizzCon back in 2017, Jeff Kaplan and Concept Artist Arnold Tsang showed some early designs for since-abandoned heroes. This included a lot of interesting ideas including Jetpack Cat. While the cat wasn't the only fascinating sketch, it's one that has remained with me and other Overwatch fans due to the lore surrounding the character. It seems likely that Jetpack Cat still has the potential to exist in Overwatch's world. 



Jetpack Cat was originally Torbjorn's "particularly interesting cat," according to former Overwatch employee Michael Chu. He used Torbjorn's technology to fly, using his paws to control the jetpack. This means that Jetpack Cat is an intelligent animal, similar to Hammond and Winston. 


At the time, however, Kaplan claimed that the concept of a flying feline was "outlandish." But since then we got a hamster who can control his own hamster ball... Jetpack Cat is not some crazy concept that would ruin the "realness" of Overwatch when we have characters like a scientist ape. This makes it more likely that Jetpack Cat could be a plausible addition to the roster. 


And Jetpack Cat is seen throughout the game, meaning this cat is a prominent part of the world. Brigitte has a lot of cosmetics that feature Jetpack Cat. Most characters added to Overwatch's roster have been featured within the game or lore in some way, meaning they are an existing part of the universe. This is another reason Jetpack Cat may finally make their debut in Overwatch 2. 


What heroes will be in Overwatch 2?

Jetpack Cat is a likely possibility for Overwatch 2 since Blizzard has stated that many new heroes will be joining the roster when the new game comes out. With not many fans believing in the game, it wouldn't hurt to throw in a legendary mystery like Jetpack Cat to gain back some players. 


But developers have not confirmed the existence of Jetpack Cat thus far. 


Blizzard has stated that all of the heroes from the current Overwatch roster will be available in Overwatch 2, although many will have a new appearance and a kit rework to fit the new 5v5 gameplay. This includes the newest hero Echo, who arrived as the last real content update in Overwatch before developers started to allegedly put all of their focus into Overwatch 2. 



It's not yet clear how many new characters will be added to the roster just yet but Sojourn has been officially announced for a while now. Sojourn was previously an Overwatch captain who joined during the Golden Age. She has some cybernetic brain upgrades. 


Sojourn will be a DPS hero who has two firing modes, including an automatic weapon and a concentrated energy-based bolt you can charge up for even more damage. A few gameplay clips have surfaced showing her in action and she definitely looks pretty powerful. But not much else is known about her or the other heroes just yet. 


Let's just hope it includes Jetpack Cat. 

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