Lunatic Hai wins the championship in Overwatch APEX Season 2

The journey has finally come to an end. On April 8th (KST), Lunatic Hai defeated RunAway 4-3 in the grand finals and claimed first place in the OGN Overwatch APEX Season 2. After going through all seven games, Lunatic Hai finally won the championship over the ultimate dark horse and became the crowned champion.

It was not an easy fight and certainly not an easy victory. Lunatic Hai lost the first and the second game and RunAway was leading the game 3-1 after Game 4. It was not a great start for them, but Lunatic Hai never gave up the game. Even when the opponent was taking the lead, Lunatic Hai positioned themselves and waited for the push they needed.

Below is our post-match interview with Lunatic Hai, after a hard-fought victory in the grand finals.



First of all, congratulations on winning the championship. How are you feeling right now?

Head Coach: It feels great to win. We’ve gone through many hardships but we’ve finally won the championship. I really want to thank our members for following me.

Coach Chae: They didn’t do very well last season and really wanted this victory. We’ve been preparing a lot for this Season and we are really happy we won the championship. I’d like to thank our fans for supporting us.

Miro: This victory means a lot to me. I’ve never won the grand finals in my life.

tobi: It’s the first time I became the crowned champion in professional tournaments since I’ve started playing Overwatch. I’m really happy with the result.

Whoru: I joined Lunatic Hai as the seventh member and APEX Season 2 was my very first professional tournament. I was really nervous and under a lot of pressure. I’m happy we won today.

Ryujehong: We didn’t do very well in Season 1, but became the final winner in Season 2. I’m happy I could win the tournament with my teammates.

EscA: I thought we might lose the match when we were losing 3-1. I still remember the time when we didn’t make it to first place and had to stand there giving the winner a big hand. But we never gave up, and finally won the championship. This victory is priceless to me.

zunba: My first professional tournament since I joined Lunatic Hai. It’s unforgettable.

Lunatic Hai finally won the cup, after losing in 5 tournaments. Would you like to add any comments?

Ryujehong: We broke out of the pattern of winning second place. We broke out of it once, so why not twice? I’m really happy we broke out of the pattern.
EscA was especially amazing towards late game. Would you like to add any comments?

EscA: My hands weren’t quick enough when the match began. Also, my teammates cheered me up and I could build up my confidence.

You were having hard times against Reinhardt in the beginning but crushed that Reinhardt later. What happened?

Miro: We were having hard times against the opponents’ team composition in the beginning, so we decided to go with D.Va and Zarya so we could stay together as a team. The game went smooth for us after that.

You once lost against Haksal’s Genji in the quarterfinals. Both you and Haksal were amazing with Dragonblade today. How do you feel about winning in the fated match today?

Whoru: I was under a lot of pressure since I lost against him in the quarterfinals, so I made a few mistakes in the beginning. But I tried to maintain control and focus on the game. I’m happy it worked out well for me.

You must have been feeling really nervous since this is your first time playing in a professional tournament.

Whoru: I felt extremely nervous, but my teammates were always there for me. I tried to control my mind and focus on the game.

How did you manage to turn the game around?

Coach Chae: I told them to don’t worry about the defeat too much and focus on what you can after we lost Game 1. Before Game 5, I told them we should focus more on late game. We’ve been practicing the strategy where we start pushing when we’re on defense, and it has worked really well for us today.

Ryujehong: I was actually having a hard time focusing in the beginning of the match. There was a pause during Game 1 and I couldn’t focus on the game very well after the pause. We might have thought we’re going to lose after we lost Game 4, but we did not give up. We’re not usually good with Hanamura, but that mind control has worked well for us.

What was the toughest challenge you faced this season?

Ryujehong: We had a matchup against LW Blue when we had to overcome a problem. I didn’t open up to anyone, but I was really depressed. That was the toughest challenge I had to overcome.

How do you feel about winning the MVP Award?

Ryujehong: I died a lot today but the audience still voted for me. I don’t think I deserve this award. I really want to thank everyone.

Whoru: I honestly didn’t expect an MVP award. I also died a lot, and I’m not really satisfied with my performance today. But I’m still happy I won the award.

tobi was also amazing with Lucio today. What is the secret behind your amazing Lucio play?

tobi: It’s not a big secret or tip, but I think I’m pretty good at Lucio as a Support and a DPS. I always look for the enemies who are after Ryujehong and cover him up. Perfectly timed skills are my secrets, I guess.

EscA you have won the championship in all the games you’ve played, including Overwatch. Would you like to add any comments?

EscA: Now I’ve won the championship in all the games I’ve played. It’s been my dream since a long time ago. I’m proud of myself. I’m lucky to have these guys as my teammates.

Why do you think Lunatic Hai has a lot of fans, and especially female fans?

Head Coach: We were wondering the same question. Some people say that the female fans like the pros at Lunatic Hai only for their looks, but I don’t think that’s true. I mean, they’re not that hot. [laughs] I think our fans like us because each one of us has a story; a story that our fans find fascinating.

Any last comments?

EscA: My parents are here to see me today, and today’s their wedding anniversary. I wanted to say congratulations while I was on the stage but I didn’t get a chance to. I also want to thank our coaches for always caring about us. Without them, we wouldn’t have made it. Lastly, I’d like to thank our fans for their continued support, even when I wasn’t doing well.

Ryujehong: I want to thank my parents for always believing in me. A big thanks to my teammates for playing as well as they do always, and to our coaches for always leading us. We couldn’t have won if they weren’t there for us. Lastly, I’m glad I could repay our fans’ support by winning the championship.

Whoru: I’d like to thank my father for supporting my dreams, even when I gave up on studying and played video games all day. He is the one who made me who I am today. To be honest, I’m the one who doesn’t listen to the coach in our team. I’d like to apologize for that, and I promise I’ll listen to you from now on. Also, I’d like to thank our fans for always cheering me up.

tobi: A big thanks to my teammates for having me in the team. My parents couldn’t make it today, but I want to thank them for always supporting me. Also a big thanks to our fans for always cheering for me even though I don’t play any DPS characters. We had a hard time against Reinhardt, but I don’t think our Miro is particularly bad with Reinhardt. It was just the team composition that didn’t work out. I’d like to thank our coach for suggesting us a different team composition, which has worked really well.

Miro: A big thanks to our fans. Also a big thanks to my family who’s always cheering for me at home. Lastly, a big thanks to my teammates and coaches for having me in this amazing team.

zunba: I want to thank all our fans who have been cheering for us, my teammates, my family, and our coaches.

Coach Chae: We’ve gone through a lot since the beginning of the season. I told them to focus on what they’re good with, instead of forcing the triple tanks strategy. Season 3 starts at the end of this month, and we won’t stop trying to win.

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