Hangzhou Spark terminates MCD's contract over offensive language on stream


Hangzhou Spark terminated a player earlier today. 


In a statement released on Twitter, the official Spark account stated that Jeong-ho "MCD" Lee would no longer be a flex-support on the Overwatch League roster after he made some offensive comments in-game that go against the team's values. 


"His action was not consistent with the expectation of the Hangzhou Spark players and staff," the letter to fans read. 



MCD had been climbing the Overwatch ladder when he said "fucking Chinese" while competing against a Chinese player. While some fans argued that saying "Chinese" isn't a slur, others pointed out that the remark was very xenophobic and offensive. It was also pointed out by many in the Overwatch League that MCD was playing for a Chinese team with a Chinese owner, which made the behavior all the more shocking. 



Even though many players were upset to hear that MCD wouldn't be competing in the upcoming Overwatch League season, most sided with Spark on the team's decision to remove MCD from the team. Spark currently has a pretty large roster with other players who can take MCD's spot, including Ton "ColdEst" Xiaodong, another flex-support player who uses some of the same heroes as MCD. It will be interesting to see how the team does against Philadelphia Fusion in the upcoming play-in match. 


MCD has yet to make a statement about his comments or his departure from Hangzhou Spark. 

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